How to find new backlink opportunities with Research Central

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One of my favorite things about Research Central is how versatile it is. Each section within Research Central can be used in a multitude of ways.

Recently I’ve found myself turning to the Backlinks and Keywords sections to discover new backlink opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to find without Research Central. Let me show you what I mean.

Research key members of a company for new link partners

If you head over to the Backlinks section of Research Central, you can sort by any of the table columns. The key to this trick is to sort by the Keyword/Key Phrase column. While we’d normally look for the anchor text of keywords we’re targeting, in this particular exercise we want to uncover where our competitor is guest blogging, doing interviews, etc.

Research Central - Backlink Sort

Once you sort by anchor text, find one of your competitor’s key stakeholders’ names in the table. Here you’ll be able to identify all of the links to their website that use that stakeholder’s name as anchor text. Now you have a list of websites that they’ve either commented on, been mentioned in, guest blogged on or some other type of press that you might be able to recreate for your own client/company.

Finding the anchor text you want out of a link

Over in the Keywords section, Raven is able to identify both internal and external keywords that a website is likely targeting. On the External keywords tab, sort the table by “Ext. Root Domains”. The table will now sort in a way that focuses on how many different sites link to the site you’re researching using particular keywords or phrases as the anchor text.

External Anchor Text

If you click the gear icon for any link in the table, you can choose to view all of the domains linking to the website with that anchor text. This is a great way to quickly identify a large number of potential link partners who are willing to use the anchor text you’re trying to rank for.

Those are just a couple of the cool ways you can find new backlink opportunities with Research Central. What tricks have you found?