How to create a social customer care hub with Raven

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Customer care is everything.

It’s in every facet of your organization. A developer fixes a problem. Someone on your marketing staff interacts with a client at an event. A publicist notices a complaint and helps assist. All of these touch points require your team to be kind, efficient and – most important of all – timely.

We live in an immediate, real-time world. Do we even have five minutes to let something languish? While there are lots of tools you can use to make sure you don’t waste any time in responding to customers, Raven’s new Social Stream is a fantastic place to start.

Create Social Monitor Searches

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up social monitor searches for whatever you want to keep an eye on. For us, that would be searching for all iterations of our brand name, even things like “Raven Tools sucks.” Why does Raven Tools suck? Was it something we did? Did we let something slip through the cracks? Now I’m going to be able to keep up with this as it happens.

Set Up Other Social Media Accounts

To get the true, aggregated, real-time experience, you’ll want to set up any Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages that you own. Once you have these set up, you can use the Social Stream to manage and monitor any complaints (or praise!) in real-time. If a customer has an issue and reaches out to you via Twitter, you can easily respond to them, or even assign a task to another member of your team to ensure that the customer is taken care of immediately.

Report to Your Team

There are few team members more valuable than those who take care of your customers. Letting them know what people are saying socially about your company can either be a big morale boost (positive mentions), or a notice on things that could be tweaked to make the customer experience better (negative mentions). As a team, you can take a monthly sentiment report and not only get positive feedback on a job well done, but learn about places where you maybe could tweak things and make them better.

Social media is an excellent and cost effective way to take care of your customers. These days, it’s a must.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to leverage social media into your customer care plans, check out this presentation I put together on the subject. Your customers are everywhere. It’s up to you to be everywhere, too. In real-time.

Social Media and Customer Care

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