New Features: KnowEm importing, enhanced report filtering and high contrast option

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Now that Raven’s new user interface has been released, and we have transitioned our automated rank checking over to Authority Labs, the Raven feature and enhancement engine is getting revved up again.

Here’s what new:

High Contrast preference

The Unity UI provides a cleaner, softer look to our platform. However, for some people (in particular, people we adore!) the contrast was too low, and they found it difficult to use. To solve that problem, we’re introducing a new User Preference called High Contrast.

The High Contrast option is available to all users (account owners, sub-users and read-only users) and only affects the individual user’s account. It can be activated by going to User Preferences (the gear icon) and clicking on Appearance. Once it’s activated, all of the color styles will be overridden, including White Label styles, and will look like this:

High Contrast for Raven

KnowEm importing

The Persona Manager now supports the ability to import usernames and their social network account details. To import data from KnowEm, go to the Persona Manager and click on the KnowEm Import button.

KnowEm Import

You will be taken to the KnowEm Import page, where you’ll be asked to enter the username, password and e-mail associated with the account you want to import. When the import is finished successfully, all of the social network account data will be copied and stored in Raven’s Persona Manager.

KnowEm Import Form

Boolean operators in Google Analytics reports

The Report Wizard now supports boolean operators for Google Analytics. For example, you can now filter your reports with an operator such as: jersey and beach and -“jersey shore”

Boolean Operators in Google Analytics Reports