Google Rankings Just Got Even Better in Raven

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Thanks to some recent changes at Google, we have some great news for customers who use rankings in the Raven platform – and for SEOs in general.

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, recently posted that Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) will now provide more detailed search query data. That means better authorized Google rankings data for Raven.

The biggest change is that Google will discontinue rounding. Before this change, GWT would round out any results below 10 and report “<10” for both impressions and clicks. Now Google will include the actual number, which provides much better and granular results – even for smaller sites.

Raven’s Keyword Ranking tool already supports the retrieval and processing of this data, so the transition will be automatic and smooth.

Bottom line: Thanks to awesome improvements by the GWT team, we’ll be able to provide more accurate report impressions and clicks going into 2014. Goodbye <10!

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  • Nice update for sure – seemed like they hadn’t touched that portion of webmaster tools in forever!

    • RavenCourtney

      We agree! More accurate data is always good news. 🙂

  • Jeremy Rivera

    Thank the maker!

  • Tom

    I have a few questions regarding Raven’s Keyword Ranking Tool:

    1. Many of Googles products are bringing back more and more ‘not provided’ results rather than actual keywords. As this increases over time, will this affect Raven’s
    Keyword Ranker?

    2. When checking a keywords ranking, can I specify the country which I want to check the keywords ranking e.g. UK only? For example, say I have an online bike store in the UK, can I check my websites ranking for the keyword ‘mens mountain bikes’ within the UK only? Because if Raven’s Keyword Ranking Tool could only show the ranking results of the keyword globally, this tool wouldn’t be relevant for me as I only sell in/ship within the UK, and the results would be too far skewed to be usable.

    3. Can I search for more than one keyword at one time using the keyword ranking tool? For example, ‘mens mountain bikes’, ‘womans mountain bikes’, ‘spare wheel for bmx
    bike’ etc. If, yes how many keywords can I search for at one time? Also, are the search results broad match or exact match?

    4. Also, does Raven Tools have a tool which allows me to enter a keyword, then it shows the top 10 positions in Google for that keyword (if it shows the average position, the top 15 – 20 results would probably be more useful) within a particular location I specify e.g. US Only, UK Only etc? If yes, does it also show other criteria such Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Number of links pointing to page/domain etc?


    • Hi Tom, thanks for your questions. Here are my answers:

      1) Correct, Google Analytics is moving towards almost all not provided. However, Google Webmaster Tools is showing the keyword data through their search queries view. That’s where we get our data. The biggest problem for marketers is that the keyword data is disconnected from Google Analytics. However, we’re working on fixing that problem (to some degree).

      2) In Google Webmaster Tools you can specify the locale, but our ranking tool doesn’t support that yet. Specifying more granular data is possible, but will require a lot more development time on our part. We’re hoping that Google will update their API to support search query retrieval soon, as they’ve suggested they would for the past several months. That should enable us to not only make the data retrieval easier and more reliable, but to also support retrieving localized data too.

      3) Yes, you can create complex filters using the filter tool:

      4) We don’t have a tool that will display the top 10 results in Google for a keyword, because the only way to get it is to scrape their search results. We are committed to staying compliant with Google’s terms of service, because that will enable us to continue using their services and APIs, like the Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools APIs well into the future.