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Google Analytics Social Networks Reports

What kind of data about Social Networks can you find in the new Raven Google Analytics?

Navigate to the Campaign section in the side menu, and click Google Analytics. Then scroll until you see the plus sign next to Social, and we’ll show you.

First, you’ll see an overview. This is an overview of all of the traffic to your website from the various Social Networks. You can see comparative data, such as percentage of New Sessions vs. the percentage of New Sessions from the previous period, based on the date set in your date picker.

By clicking the radio button, you can also view your traffic trend line, which gives you a snapshot of whether your traffic is trending up or down.

You’ll also notice two pie charts. You can see the percentage of Sessions based on a specific Social Network, as well as the value of each of those Sessions. When you continue scrolling down the section, results for Top Social Conversions, Top Social Landing Pages and Top Social Network Referrals are displayed.

When you navigate to the Conversions section, you will see a table chart, which displays both Goal Value and Goal Conversion Rate. However, if you don’t have Goals set up directly in your Google Analytics account, this information will not show up. This is purely based on defined Goals and defined Goal Values in Google Analytics.

As with any chart in Raven, you can turn any of these metrics on or off, and you can always add a trend line.

You may see that the Facebook Goal Value and Goal Conversion Rate have declined. (A Conversion in Google Analytics is when a visitor comes to your site, clicks on something and then takes an action, such as a purchase or has taken a path through your site you’ve determined has monetary value.

When you navigate to the Landing Pages section, you will see which Social Networks drive traffic to specific Landing Pages. Here you can view your Acquisition and Behavior Conversion data with it’s green/red, win/loss color coding for the comparative data.

Finally, you can view your Network Referrals and see which Social Networks refer valuable converting traffic and adjust your posting activity accordingly.

Remember, any data available in Google Analytics (or any section in Raven, for that matter) is reportable in the Reports > Report Wizard section.


Heather Haley

Heather is a production/print coordinator at Affinion Group.

Heather Haley

Heather is a production/print coordinator at Affinion Group.

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