Raven Puts the GooGoo in Google Analytics Reporting

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Update Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 2:15 p.m.: The updated Google Analytics reports are now live in Raven. Check out what’s new and improved below, enter our GooGoo contest, then go play in your Raven account!

Ever had a GooGoo Cluster?

It’s a milk chocolate, caramel, peanut and marshmallow nougat confection that tastes like… well, that tastes like the most delicately sweet, lumpy, gooey thing you’ll ever eat. Saveur calls it “a Snickers gone to finishing school.”

It’s a Southern thing, made in Nashville, Tenn., with an emphasis on quality. So is Raven.

When we thought about the improvements coming soon to Raven’s Google Analytics integration, we couldn’t help but draw comparisons to our hometown candy bar.

Let’s break it down ingredient by ingredient.


There’s one difference between a GooGoo Cluster and a GooGoo Cluster Supreme: the nuts. A GooGoo Cluster features fresh roasted peanuts. A GooGoo Cluster Supreme upgrades to pecans.

GooGoo Cluster Supreme

Raven developer Jon Zumbrun breaks apart a GooGoo Cluster Supreme. He led the GA upgrade project.

Think of Raven’s new Google Analytics reporting as the Supreme version.

Our original GA integration helped marketers report select metrics from these basic categories: Engagement, Referrer, Keyword, Engine, Landing, Geo and Social.

Raven’s new GA integration still features those, but upgrades to Supreme with more than a dozen additional metrics or views. They were selected based on the most popular requests from our customers over the past year. Here’s what’s new:

  • All Traffic: Includes Primary Dimensions
  • All Referrals: Includes Primary Dimensions
  • Content: All Pages
  • Content: Landing Pages
  • Content: Exit Pages
  • Campaigns: Includes data for AdWords campaigns as well as campaigns created with custom variables
  • Events: Overview
  • Events: Pages
  • Goals: Raven now has a Goals section, where you can drill down to abandoned funnels.
  • Audience: New vs Returning
  • Audience: Frequency & Recency
  • Audience: Mobile Devices
  • Audience: Mobile Overview
  • Audience: Geo Language
  • Audience: Geo Location
  • Audience: Browser & OS
  • Social: Overview
  • Social: Conversions
  • Social: Landing Pages
  • Social: Network Referrals
  • AdWords: Raven’s Google AdWords-in-Analytics section picks up the user-friendly navigation and color coding.
  • Advanced Segments: Updated to GA‘s new default Advanced Segments. (Note: The GA API does not allow us to retrieve your custom Advanced Segments. Use Raven’s unique Google Analytics Custom Charts feature to achieve a similar result for reports.)

Marshmallow nougat

Nougat combines the best of two worlds: whipped, airy egg whites and soft, thick honey or sugar. (We wish we knew the secret recipe for the GooGoo Cluster’s marshmallow nougat.) The result is a lightweight, velvety texture that’s easy to digest.

“Easy to digest” is a great way to describe how Raven’s upgraded Google Analytics integration displays change over time. Take a little taste test with me.

Without being able to see this exact data, can you tell me in two seconds whether this campaign is improving overall over time? This is how it looks in Google Analytics:


OK, how about now? This is how the same data looks in Raven:

Comparative Data in GA

Raven’s color coding system makes good (or bad) change over time obvious. It helps you easily digest how you’re doing.

Even better, clients can read your Google Analytics reporting without needing to decode anything. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to think, “I’m seeing progress with this agency, and I want to keep giving them money,” right? Raven’s GA color coding does exactly that.


Caramel is the sweet glue inside a GooGoo Cluster, the stuff that binds the nuts to the nougat.

We like to think of GA‘s custom campaigns the same way. How do you know whether the content you’re sharing over here is connecting with your audience over there? Use custom campaign variables like caramel woven throughout your marketing — they’ll keep everything connected.

Now you have an even better reason: custom campaigns are fully reportable in Raven’s updated Google Analytics integration.

GooGoo Clusters

Don’t forget you can use Raven’s free GAConfig tool to help you set up your custom campaigns, too.

Milk chocolate

The nuts, the nougat, the caramel — all are essential to the GooGoo Cluster. But it’s the creamy milk chocolate coating that pulls all of the ingredients together, packaging them into something you can’t resist.

So too with Google Analytics data. The metrics themselves are interesting, but it’s a sophisticated report that makes them irresistible to clients.

One of Raven’s keystone benefits is that it speeds up the entire reporting process for online marketing agencies. That remains true for Google Analytics reporting.

Plus, your reports on your client’s Google Analytics data will be unique — with your brand and Raven’s simple visual interpretations — something they can’t “just get for free directly from GA.”


Are you salivating yet?

You won’t have to wait long for your new treat. Raven’s Google Analytics upgrade launches next week.

Not a Raven customer yet? Sign up for a free, 30-day trial. Authorize Raven to access your GA data, and you can run as many reports as you like during your trial.

If you are a Raven customer already, then we have a sweet offer. Tell us how you use GA in Raven in the comments below, and we’ll send a random winner a box — a BIG box — of GooGoo Clusters.

Either way, you win.

Photo of Jon Zumbrun: Nathan T. Baker. Other photos: Arienne Holland. Used with permission.

  • samcki

    How about including a timeline graph, it would be useful to see how development goes over time in an easy way.

    But this is a good improvement which makes it easier to adjust your workload on the different fields.

    • RavenArienne

      Samcki, could you explain what you mean? Are you referring to adding a timeline element to our charts in Google Analytics? We already have — and are keeping — a trend line feature. Here’s a look at it.

  • Just stumbled across Raven a few weeks ago. I signed up recently and almost immediately got a paid account. This is going to speed up so much of our reporting!
    A lot of our clients engage us for SEO work, so reporting on traffic – specifically on organic search and referral traffic is key, and the reporting wizards have already saved me hours. Well done to everyone who worked on this toolset, my team love it.

    • RavenArienne

      Aaron, That’s so great to hear! We hear you about organic search and referral traffic. You’re going to really like these improvements coming soon. Tell your team that the Raven team says hello 🙂

  • David Hutcheson

    Well I hope you’re willing to send a box of GooGoos down to little ol’ New Zealand!
    My Raven dashboard shows Google Analytics Summary right along side my clients AdWords Summary – so I can keep an eye on trends. Was that spike in visits to the clients site due to a spike in AdWords clicks?

    • RavenArienne

      David, of course! When we promise, we deliver 🙂 That side-by-side Dashboard view is helpful, isn’t it? You’re going to like some more Raven upgrades we have coming soon…

      • David Hutcheson

        Exciting! Pretty much my daily view:

  • Fredric Lundgren

    Raven is a staple in what we do – it makes it easier to keep check of traffic, results, goals as well as auditing – The input I get from Raven not only serves as a monitoring function, but also gives me a heads up if something isn’t working and helps me prioritize my efforts when working with content and SEO.

    • RavenArienne

      Fredric, I hadn’t thought of Raven helping marketers prioritize. That is a serious benefit.

  • Frank Pfabigan

    Without Raven, there is no tracking and no insights in Data from different tools like Webmasters Tools, Analytics, Adwords. No Raven, no tracking, no reporting and no clear mind 😉

    • RavenArienne

      I love that thought, Frank: “No Raven? No insights.” Appreciate your feedback. Here’s to you keeping a clear mind for a long time to come 😉

  • The best part of the update is client reports that they find easy to read. Thank you!

    • RavenArienne

      That’s the best compliment! When your clients love your reports, you’ll keep loving Raven, eh?

  • Jason Pulliam

    Shameless comment to enter a contest , but my raventools are still the best (that grammar looks like spam lol)

  • Victoria De Bella

    As a Raven customer, I am using GA in Raven tools for keyword research/SEO.

    • RavenArienne

      Good to know. Interesting in talking more about what you analyze and how for our blog?

      • Victoria De Bella

        I am still getting familiar with the process myself and am going to attend today’s Google Analytics Upgrade Training webinar to see best ways to analyze the newly available information.

        • RavenArienne

          Gotcha. Hope it helped 🙂

      • Guest


  • Amelie Collins

    I’ve always preferred the the ease of the SEO Metrics section over the Google Analytics section of Raven Tools, especially when creating custom reports but I love that I can now send GA conversion by location reports combined with the Raven reports. Thank You!

    • RavenArienne

      Funny thing… Jon Henshaw and I were just talking about the SEO Metrics section today. I think we need some improvements there now, too! Glad to hear someone uses them.

  • Vanessa

    Raven Tools have totally made my life much easier by being able to create beautiful and specific reports tailored to each of my clients! 🙂

  • Cristian Iuga

    I just got a Pro account a few days ago and you are already sending me news about great updates? Not bad 🙂

    Anyways, I wonder how that chocolate would reach our office in Romania… what do you think?

    • RavenArienne

      I think it would reach Romania just fine… 🙂

  • Zoot

    Raven is my shortcut to getting info to my customers quickly. It’s always open on my desktop and I use it the same way I use my MCC account in Adwords. Customer calls – instant info!

    • RavenArienne

      Good to know!

    • RavenArienne

      Zoot! Could you send me more specific contact information? You can reach me by email at arienne at raventools . com.

  • Ginger

    We’re brand new to Raven so I’m not sure how we use GA in Raven, but I did read this article and now I’m craving some GooGoo Clusters!

    • RavenArienne

      Ha! Appreciate the honesty. I craved them for two weeks before I wrote this post.

  • We’ve built a methodology of intelligence marketing with Raven as a key component of the research, analytic, and marketing aspects of our model. It’s enabled us to save an hour per month already on reporting, and make analytics easier to understand — creating actionable data sets.

    • RavenArienne

      Brian, I think that perhaps you wrote us about your method? Really interesting stuff!