Video: Google Analytics Reporting Mini-Tutorial

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Is all of the data available in Raven’s Google Analytics section reportable?

Yes it is!

Anything you see in the Google Analytics section is easily reportable by going into the Reports Section > Report Wizard.

Choose to create a new report. Then choose from the modules on the left which will then be added to the screen on the right. All of your Google Analytics data will be displayed there.

All of your Campaign data in the Google Analytics section of Raven is also completely available at all times. For example, you can look at All Traffic by adding the All Traffic Module from the module section; again, it populates to the right screen.

You can

  • Choose a start date
  • Change the title of your module
  • Choose a compare range for comparative

All of the Advanced Segments that are available in Google Analytics are also available in Raven, so you can go ahead and add any Advanced Segments you would like. As with any report module in Raven, there is a Summary box where you can add outside data, an explanation of the data, or any other information you would like to provide to your customers.

Any time you are in a Reports module in Raven and you see a tab, I strongly encourage you to click on that tab as it gives you further levels of customization. In the example shown on the video, you’ll see how you can customize what information is included in your table.

You can add filters, if you want to remove a particular piece of data or include only certain pieces of data. You can also choose the content within the table. Do you want to show Summary information or Site Usage or eCommerce metrics? It’s all available in Raven’s new Google Analytics Reporting.

You can choose which Primary Dimension you want. You can choose data based on Source/Medium or Campaign or Landing Page and so on. If you have Goals enabled in Raven, you can also include any of your goal data.

Another level of customization is that you can drag and drop any of the columns of data in whichever order you want. Let’s say you want your Pages Per Session to be first. You can also turn these columns on or off if you don’t need information about New Sessions, for example. But you do want to add Goal Completions and Goal Values.

To further customize the table, you can sort by Sessions, etc. Then choose your sort direction and your maximum results. Any time you make a change in Raven, you want to make sure to save that change.

By clicking Preview, you’ll be able to see exactly what that module looks like in seconds. You’ll have a nice, color-coded, fully branded report based on the Branded Template you set up in Raven.

What’s really great is not only can you report on Google Analytics data,  but also include all the other data you have in other areas of Raven in one report. So you can create a report that includes things such as Keyword Rankings, Social Data, and so on, in addition to your Google Analytics data.

You can even schedule that report to automatically be emailed to whomever you need to receive it. How much time will that feature save you each week?

What’s your favorite part about Raven’s new Google Analytic reporting?