Video: Google Analytics Traffic Reporting Mini-Tutorial

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Can I get traffic and referral data in Raven’s Google Analytics section?

Yes you can!

By going into Google Analytics > All Traffic, you’ll see exactly that.

Data is stored based on where all the traffic to your website is coming from. As you look at the table, you’ll notice our new color-coding; red represents a decline in traffic, and green represents an increase in traffic.

This gives you a nice snapshot of your website’s wins and losses.

You can view row by row and see where the traffic is coming from exactly and whether that traffic pattern is going up or down. Google Analytics Traffic Wins LossesFor example, you may see that your Google/Organic traffic is down a little, but your referral traffic is way up.

If you want to get more information about where that referral traffic is coming from, go to All Referrals. You’ll see a similar table with the red/green, win/loss color coding.

As with any table in Raven, you can click on the top of the column and resort the order of that data in ascending or descending order.

Always remember that anything you see up within Raven is completely reportable  and customizable in the Reports section. You can also brand your reports simply by including a Brand Template.

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  1. How can I drill down and find the actual referral URL? For example, in my referral traffic, it lists “” which I now know to be Twitter, but some other URLs are less descriptive. How can I find those?