Video: Google Analytics Adwords Reports Mini-Tutorial

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Does Raven incorporate Google AdWords data into my Google Analytics data?

As a matter of fact, it does.

Go to the Campaign section, then navigate to Google Analytics and click on the AdWords link. By linking your Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts, Raven software allows you to see the entire picture of customer behavior. From a click or an impression through to a conversion, you can see all your data without leaving the application.

You can also click the radio button to turn on the line graph to view the trend line for your Adwords campaigns. You can easily turn on or off Session metrics with a click of a button. Again, we’ve incorporated the green/red, win/loss comparison data color coding scheme in the tables.

Within the table you can also change the Table Content to Summary content, Goals, eCommerce or clicks. You can also change the Primary Dimension to either Campaign or Ad Group, depending on what information you want to see in the table and based on the dates you have chosen in the date-picker.

Remember, all data in the main section of Raven is reportable in the Reports > Report Wizard section.