Goodbye SEO, and Hyphens

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When we first created Raven, our focus was primarily on SEO. We hoped that our SaaS would eventually expand into other areas, but the only thing on our minds at the time was SEO.

We registered several domains, like,, and I finally decided on, because I liked the word separation that was created by the hyphens. Even though search engines, like Google, are smart enough to parse words in domains, I felt the hyphens sent the most clear message to computers and people. We still used the shorter domains, like, but made all of them do 301 redirects to the longer, hyphenated versions.

Since that time, Raven has grown well beyond the micro-focus of SEO. In fact, several months ago we quietly stopped referring to our service as Raven SEO and changed it to Raven Internet Marketing Tools; Raven Tools for short. However, the domain for our brochure site continued to use, that is, until today. SEO and hyphens are out, and we’re now using for our main domain.

I suppose it’s not a big deal to anyone that we’ve changed our domain name. For me though, it’s a symbol of the direction Raven is headed. For us, SEO is just one rod that will support the umbrella of Internet Marketing tools we call Raven.

  • Marty Martin

    Nice Jon, It’s amazing the growth I’ve personally seen in Raven since signing on as a paid client a few years ago.

    This kind of things doesn’t seem like a big deal, but any re-branding based on progress is pretty huge, and cool.

    Congrats to all of you!