Good Web Design Can Equal Good SEO

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InstantAmber on CSS CremeA well thought out information architecture (IA) is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO), in the same way that semantic structure and high quality content is. However, good design can play its part too.

InstantAmber provides an excellent example of how good design can also equal good SEO. Sitening launched InstantAmber about a week ago and decided to submit its URL to some popular design showcase galleries. The site was immediately picked up by almost all of the gallery websites we submitted it to. Then it was picked up — organically — by other online publishers that actively follow those websites. The result was instant traffic to the website and almost instant trust by the search engines for the site.


Web Design Showcase Site List

  1. Beautifully
  2. Best Design Web Gallery
  3. The Best Designs
  4. Best Web Gallery
  5. Boxedcss
  6. CeeSeS
  7. Cool Site Collection
  8. Creative Pakistan
  9. CSS Demo
  10. CSS Design Yorkshire
  11. CSS Galleries
  12. CSS Gallery
  13. CSS Website
  14. CSS Based
  15. CSS Beauty
  16. CSS Blast
  17. CSS Bloom
  18. CSS Clip
  19. CSS Collection
  20. CSS Container
  21. CSS Cool
  22. CSS Drive
  23. CSS Exchange
  24. CSS Flavor
  25. CSS Galaxy
  26. CSS Galerie
  27. CSS Gallery
  28. CSS Hazard
  29. CSS Heaven
  30. CSS Import
  31. CSS Impress
  32. CSS Inspirace
  33. CSS Liquid
  34. CSS Love
  35. CSS Mania
  36. CSS Pinoy
  37. CSS Princess
  38. CSS Rand
  39. CSS Reboot
  40. CSS Remix
  41. CSS Smooth Operator
  42. CSS Snap
  43. CSS Star
  44. CSS Tux
  45. CSS Vault
  46. CSS Website
  47. CSS Zen Garden
  48. Daily Slurp
  49. Design Beauty
  50. Design Meltdown
  51. Design Creme
  52. Design Grabs
  53. Design Shack
  54. Design Snack
  55. The Design Tree
  56. The Dezine
  57. Edu Style
  58. The Horizontal Way
  59. Hotwebber Presents
  60. Inspiration King
  61. Light On Dark
  62. Moderni Web
  63. Most Inspired
  64. najDizajn
  65. netzfruehling
  66. One Pixel Army
  67. per.fectio
  68. Piepmatzel
  69. Plastic Pilots
  70. Refresh Links
  72. Screen Fluent
  73. Style Gala
  74. Style the Web
  75. Submit CSS
  76. TagACloud
  77. Unmatched Style
  78. W3C Sites
  79. wakeupgallery
  80. Web Digity
  81. Web Creme
  82. Web Design Inspiration
  83. Web Galerie
  84. Web Gallery
  85. Web Test
  86. Well Done Sites
  • Martin

    Thanks for the CSS sites list. I have been looking for a similar list and I couldn’t find a decent one.

  • Thanks for the list. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I stumbled and bookmarked it 🙂

  • Bari Amma

    I somehow agree with “Good Web Design Can Equal Good SEO” but seo is lot more than designing website, you can make your website seo friendly and this way your website is able to communicate with search engines but seo is more specialized job these days, seo focus is on bringing qualified traffic and converting them into becoming customers.

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