Are You Finding Your Online Marketing Tools Lacking?

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You may have heard the phrase, “The tools you use are only as good as the person using them.” But what if the opposite is true?

That was the dilemma that SEO 24/7 Ltd. faced when they discovered the online marketing tools they had been using were outworn, dated and therefore, unreliable. They used it to report keyword rankings to clients every week, but constantly inaccurate data meant constant questions from clients.

That wouldn’t do for an agency that promised integrity. SEO 24/7 needed a new software solution to quickly and accurately send out marketing and ranking reports, pronto.

When the agency learned that Raven software integrates average ranking data directly from Google Webmaster Tools — not the less accurate data that comes from third parties who scrape Google — their interest was piqued.

The biggest selling point for Raven was the idea of accurate reporting and the possibility of automated reports, allowing us to spend more time on our clients and less time combating queries raised from inaccurate reports. ~Matthew Annison, PPC Consultant and Links Manager at the U.K.-based agency

It only took Matt a few days to see Raven’s potential; it took only one email to convince the agency’s managing director to make the switch.

Link Removal Made Easy

As Google continues to update it’s algorithm to eliminate spam and improve the user experience, monitoring the quality of a website’s backlink profile became a front burner issue for SEO 24/7 alongside providing accurate reporting. They turned to Raven for this critical task.

“Raven Tools is key for me when it comes to link removals. I don’t just want to follow Google’s indexing and react to any poor links that are built. As a company, we strive to be pro-active in our thinking and approach always,” Annison said.

That’s why he combines both Raven’s Backlink Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools data to produce a backlink portfolio. From this, he filters through all the links to determine which links should be removed because they are no longer beneficial to a client’s link portfolio.

He also uses Site Auditor on a regular basis to produce a monthly report for clients or to benchmark data points to identify areas of improvement and to prioritize workflow.

Producing these type of detailed reports shows their clients a clear-cut visual, emphasizing actual issues that need fixing, often with positive results, says Matt.

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Whenever SEO 24/7 secures a new account, a new Campaign is added immediately to the Raven software setup, performing a Site Audit of the client’s website and using Keyword Manager to add targeted and general keywords to monitor under their Profile.

This U.K.-based agency started using Raven on our free 30-day trial just before our major redesign which was last July. Since then, “there have been no regrets,” added Annison.

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