New Feature: Raven adds ‘Find Contacts’ to help link builders quickly create relationships


Raven’s link building ecosystem, which includes the Link Manager, Site Finder, Backlink Explorer, Contact Manager and Website Directory, features excellent tools for managing link building campaigns. It’s further enhanced by our multi-user team capabilities and the use of our Firefox Toolbar. While it’s a great system, there’s a key feature that’s been missing—an effortless ability to find contact information for a website.

Find contacts with one click

You can now find contact information for any website. The new feature is located in several places, including the Firefox Toolbar Add Link form, the Link Manager’s Add Link page, the Contact Manager and the Website Directory. In all four places, there’s an option to “Find Contacts.” Click on that option to start the request to find contacts for the domain specified.

The Top 10 results are presented in a table view. You can then review, select and add the contacts that are most relevant to the site. When you add contacts, they will be stored in the Contact Manager and also will be associated with related link records in the Link Manager.

Find Contacts Results

The new Find Contacts feature alleviates the need to search a site manually for contact details. It gets its data from several sources, and it’s powered by a sophisticated contact retrieval and analysis system.

What to expect

We’re not placing any usage limits on this new feature right now. We’re mainly interested in seeing how people use it, and we want your feedback on how we can make it better. There are few things to keep in mind when using it:

  • Results are ordered by relevancy.
  • We only display the Top 10 results.
  • Not every search will return contact results.
  • This is an automated system. You will still need to decide if a contact is relevant or not.

Other than that, it’s the greatest feature ever written. 😉

Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

  • Mike Raia

    It’s almost creepy how well it works.

    • Arienne Holland

      Muahahaha 😉

  • Rae

    “It gets its data from several sources”

    None of those sources are client accounts though correct? I just want confirmation that if my best friend from high school works for CNN, and I have her in the contact list for my account, she isn’t suddenly listed for everyone who asks for CNN contacts…

  • Jon Henshaw

    Rae, we don’t use any of your own data, data from the Contact Manager, or any data from any account on our system to provide the results.

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