Feature update: Faster, easier link filtering and new tool tips

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Earlier this year – July 12 to be exact – we launched a major refresh to the Link Manager. One of the key features in that refresh was robust data filtering. The new filtering options provided virtually unlimited data filtering capabilities and allowed you to save filters for reuse later.

While the new filtering options were well received, we got a lot of good feedback on how we could make them even better. So we did!

New filter icon

For some reason, we hid the filtering functionality inside the gear menu. It was a knucklehead moment, but that’s now been rectified with the new filter icon. If you want to filter data in a table, just click on the icon and get on with it.

Rename saved filters

When we first launched the new robust filtering options, you could create, save, edit and delete them. However, if you wanted to do something crazy like…I don’t know…rename them, you were out of luck. Now you can easily rename saved filters with the new Edit button.

Just rename and save the filter.

Share saved filters

Until today, your saved filters could only be seen by you. We’ve added new Visibility settings to allow you to keep filters private or make them available to the rest of your team. When sharing a filter, you have the option to share globally or make the filter available only on your current Profile.

Quick reset

Before today’s update it was easy to reset the search input field (where the bottom “X” is below) – but not the filtering itself. Now there’s an “X” at the top of the filters, too, which will remove the current filters and reset the table.

One more thing: Contextual tips

We’re also launching new Contextual Tips. We’ll be using them to highlight new features and changes like today’s. We hope they’ll make the transition to changes in the system less startling, especially for users who don’t normally hear about updates via our blog, social media or email.

Let us know what you think of these changes – or anything else in the Raven toolset. We always want to hear from you: Email us at support@raventools.com.