Raven partner spotlight: Majestic SEO

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As we continue our in-depth look at each of Raven’s 20+ partners and integrations, let’s shine the partner spotlight on Majestic SEO.

Majestic SEO is one of Raven’s most robust data partners, providing powerful SEO insights and metrics across many sections of the Raven platform. And like Raven, they share our commitment to not scrape or use scraped data from Google.

At a glance

Data partner: Majestic SEO

Category: SEO

What it does: Discovers how all of the websites on the Internet connect with each other.

Where you’ll find it: Competitor Manager, Research Central, Link Manager, Site Finder, Backlink Explorer

Get to know Majestic SEO

If you need to research a keyword, domain or entire Internet marketing campaign, Majestic SEO has the data to help you. One of the largest public indexes of the entire web, Majestic SEO had 42,000,000,000+ websites in its fresh index at last count. That’s 42 billion. With a B.

Get started with Majestic SEO

You can find and work with Majestic SEO data within multiple Raven tools. Here’s a quick primer on each.

Competitor Manager


The Competitor Manager is a great way to quickly see a ton of data about your website as compared to any competitors you’ve added. Majestic SEO provides the number of pages and number of external backlinks metrics. We pair that data with Raven’s own composite quality score and data from SEOmoz.

Research Central


Find potential link partners, discover new keywords to target, even compare several domains at once in Research Central , Raven’s one-click research hub. This tool is powered by lots of Majestic SEO data, with just about every tab giving you insightful data from backlinks to referring domains to IP neighborhoods.

Link Manager


Link Manager – Raven’s central clearinghouse for storing, categorizing and monitoring all your links – also provides you with crucial and up-to-date data for each link. Opening any link that you’ve entered into Link Manager will lead you to a display of metrics that include Citation Flow and Trust Flow from Majestic SEO.

These scores between 0 and 100 provide an indication of how sites compare within the context of the internet. Citation Flow focuses on the number citations to a URL, while Trust Flow focuses on the number of clicks from trusted sites to a URL. These metrics update every time you open the link record.

Site Finder


Site Finder is one of the best resources around for finding quality sites on any given topic. It takes the top 10 domains from Bing for the keyword you’ve entered and then provides you a giant list of sites that link to those top URLs. Using Majestic SEO data and other sources, you’ll be able to determine how valuable a link from that each site would be.

From here, you can easily add a link to the Link Manager to begin the relationship- and link-building process.

Backlink Explorer


With Backlink Explorer, you can automatically see the backlinks to any website, then easily add these links to the Link Manager – knocking hours off your research process. Try entering your competitor’s domain for an instant view of websites that are linking to them. Now you’ve got a brand-new list of top link prospects.

Good to know

Virtually all of these tools are reportable, so you have all of Majestic SEO’s data at your fingertips to report to a boss or a client: website research, link building and relationship research and competitive analysis, anytime you need it.

There are only a few usage limits with Majestic SEO data, in Site Finder and Backlink Explorer. Agency accounts get unlimited usage of this data, so feel free to run as many queries as you like. Pro accounts come with 20 Site Finder queries and 40 Backlink Explorer queries per month. Need more? Additional Site Finder queries are $2 each, and additional Backlink Explorer queries are $1 each.

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