Raven integration spotlight: Manage blogs easily with WordPress

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Back in the “old” days, Raven was an internet marketing agency, and our WordPress integration was built into our (then in-house) tools for me, the SEO copywriter.

This feature allowed me to simply manage the 40+ blogs I was responsible for. I didn’t have to remember all the usernames and passwords for each account. All I had to do was choose my website and profile within Raven and publish to all of those blogs in one place.

Today, Raven’s WordPress integration gives all of our customers that same value: An easy way to publish to as many WordPress blogs as you need. (OK, a lot more value, actually: You can order quality content with Textbroker, test your content with Scribe…)

Here’s what you need to know about Raven’s integration with WordPress.

At a glance

Data integration: WordPress
Category: Content
What it does: Allows users to quickly publish blog content.
Where you’ll find it: Content > Blog Manager
What else it connects to: Analyze content with Scribe in the Content Manager, then send posts directly to integrated WordPress blogs.

Get to know WordPress

Open source software at its core, WordPress allows anyone to manage the content on a website. Coupled with thousands of plugins, WordPress allows just about anyone to get a complete website up and running and manage it with ease.

Get started with WordPress

To connect your WordPress blog to Raven, navigate to Content > Blog Manager. Click the “Add Blog” button in the top right corner to start the process of adding your blog. In the first pop-up window, add the full URL of the blog. In the next, you’ll be able to add more details, such as the username and password for the blog.


If you want to limit access to the blog to just the admins of your Raven account, you can do that. Or you can make the blog accessible across your entire Raven account.

Once done, you’ll be taken back to a table where you can see all of the blog’s draft and previously published posts.

To add a new post, just click on the “Add Post” button in the top right of the table. From there, you’ll be taken to a simple WYSIWYG editor where you can add any content you would like to the blog in question. You can publish right way, or schedule a post date and time of your choosing.


Once you publish a new piece of content, you’ll be returned to the table with all of your previous blog posts. You can add a new post, add a new blog, or edit the settings right from the same page.

Good to know

You can add an unlimited number of WordPress blogs to Raven, so take advantage of the ultimate way to keep all your content organized in one place.

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