Raven integration spotlight: Order quality content from Textbroker

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Producing quality content, especially as an agency for clients, can be a constant uphill battle.

If you are responsible for even more than one client, it’s probably not unusual for you to find yourself in a time crunch to produce the amount of content you need to keep everyone happy.

That’s where Raven comes in. Our integration with the content firm Textbroker is here to help you get your hands on all the quality content you need to keep up with your workload.

At a glance

Raven integration: Textbroker
Category: Content
What it does: Writers are at your disposal to assist you in producing content on a myriad of topics.
Where you’ll find it: Content > Textbroker
What else it connects to: Review, edit and publish content directly from Textbroker to any WordPress-powered blog via Raven’s Blog Manager.

Get to know Textbroker

Textbroker employs a bevy of qualified writers to assist you in content production on just about any topic you might need. The content producers are all located in the United States, and Textbroker verifies all produced content to ensure it is completely original.

Get started with Textbroker

To use the Textbroker service integrated within Raven, you’ll first need to request Textbroker access. Since Textbroker is an add-on service to your Raven account, we do this simply to protect everyone from credit card fraud. Just navigate to Content > Textbroker, and you’ll see how to start the process.


Once you’ve been granted Textbroker access, you can order content anytime. Just click on Order Article in the Textbroker section, and you’ll be taken to an order form where you can fill in details about the article you want, including specifying content category, title, word count, keywords and more.


After you place your order, it is placed into a pool for a Textbroker author to pick up. Once an author picks up your request, they have 24 hours to submit it for your review. You can follow along in the status column of the table to see the progress of your article (see all the status types and their definitions here in our Knowledge Base).


After an article is delivered from the Textbroker author, it will be available in the Content Manager, where you can run a Scribe analysis, make any edits and send it to the Blog Manager for publishing.

Good to know

Textbroker content is not included in your monthly Raven fee, but an additional cost billed along with your monthly Raven invoice.

The fee per article depends on the word count you’ve specified, and your estimated total will display before you order the content so there are no surprises.

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