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There are a lot of tools in the internet marketing space that provide ranking scores. Some of these rankings are based on private, proprietary algorithms, while others involve a mashup of public and propriety scores to create a single ranking. All of these tools have one thing in common: the items measured, and the weights used to create the score, are fixed.

When the items being measured are fixed, you lose choice in what’s most important to you. I’ll use the Raven Tools Quality Analyzer (QA) tool as an example. The QA incorporates a mashup of scores, including the Alexa ranking and the domain age of a site. What if these items aren’t important to you? What if they go against your SEO sensibilities? If you don’t want them to apply to the QA score, you’re out of luck. Using the same example, what if you prefer the Alexa rank in your score, but you think it should be weighted less? Again, you’re out of luck, because the scoring algorithm is fixed.

Not only is the scoring algorithm fixed, so is the name. Those who prefer to white-label are, again, out of luck.


Custom RankTo provide choice, and to remove the constraints of traditional SEO analysis tools, Raven is introducing the concept of CustomRank.

With CustomRank, you build the tool, and you control the score.

We created a proof of concept at (Proof of concept = geek toy.) You can get a taste of how CustomRank will work. You can choose which items you want to use in your score, and the weight each item has on the ranking score. You can also rename the tool to your liking. Expect more features and descriptions when we integrate CustomRank throughout Raven.

CustomRank in use

When CustomRank is integrated into Raven, it will provide our customers with more flexibility to accomplish several tasks. Here are just a few:

  • Sales — Create a tool that emphasizes items most likely to get the attention of prospective clients.
  • Campaigns — Customize a tool to analyze the progress of a campaign over time.
  • Link Building — Construct a tool that helps you quickly measure the quality of a site.

Use CustomRank now

Go to now to create your own SEO analysis tool. Then share your new tool on Twitter and Facebook to allow your friends to see how their site ranks.

  • Chris

    That’s hot!

  • Kevin Getch

    I Love You Raven!


  • Ricardina


    Sorry about the question but I am a bit confused!

    This means that the CustomRank is not yet fully integrated into Raven?

    Is this why we can’t ad more metrics to the one taht already exist. Will we be albe to ad more items to score.

    Kind Regards,


  • Jon Henshaw

    Ricardina, correct. We just released this proof of concept just a few weeks ago to explain the concept and to give you something to play with. We will be updating Raven’s tools in the near future with similar functionality, but it’s not available yet.