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There’s been a lot of buzz lately about link bait. Link bait is a term used for creating content that will get people to link to it. It’s not a new concept, but now it seems to have an semi-official term.

Link bait is important, because the result can mean high traffic and notoriety to the website (and subsequently the brand). More importantly, it can help create better search engine results (SERPs) for the entire website.

Great linkable content is one of the key elements to search engine optimization (SEO), so we often encourage our clients to create link bait for their sites. Link bait can be in the form of a top 10 list, tutorial or a breaking story. Although often times the best link bait comes in the form of an online tool or a bizarre interactive distraction.

Recent examples of corporate link bait include Behr’s ColorSmart tool and Polartec’s Shave My Yeti.

Behr ColorSmart

Behr created an online tool called ColorSmart that helps consumers find coordinating colors for their project, visualize their colors on an interior or exterior, and register so they can save and retrieve their project details. The tool helps Behr move beyond just a brochure website and offers paint seekers a smart way to pick their colors. Furthermore, the tool is well executed. It’s not only useful, it’s highly usable and aesthetically pleasing.

Color Smart by Behr

Shave Your Yeti

Polartec took a much different approach. They created the Shave Your Yeti website that only displays an electric razor and a yeti. For the casual visitor, the sites is simple, fun and doesn’t contain any mention of Polartec (except for the small copyright at the bottom). Built in Flash, the website lets the user completely shave the Yeti (not a pretty site I must say). Once the Yeti is shaved, it shows the Yeti enjoying the outdoors in Polartec clothes. At the end of the experience, the website offers more things to do, which includes learning more about Polartec. It’s an excellent example of a creative, interactive distraction that is viral and pushes the brand in a positive way.


Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Jon Henshaw

Co-Founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools

  • I think these are very good examples to the article you wrote. I especialy like the yeti example.

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