Concept for Competitor Review Website

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This year at BarCamp Nashville, I presented on how to make Google your prison slave. One of the concepts I talked about was the idea of capturing a competitor’s traffic through the use of product review websites. There are three key elements to this approach:

  • Keyword centric domain name
  • Reviews include good details and images of the competitor’s products
  • Every review includes a “Recommendations” section at the end, comparing and linking to your product page

The best way to create a site like this is to make sure it looks professional. You may want to consider building it on WordPress and then using a free or premium WordPress theme for the layout. The reviews should be relatively matter-of-fact, using easily available information about their products. That includes a brief description, a list of technical details and at least one good image of the product. The end of the review should have purchasing recommendations and should mention your product along with a link to your product page.

When making a site like this, it’s important to keep yourself out of trouble. For example, it would be a bad idea to slander or make up things about the competing product. Basically, stay away from making false statements about a competitor’s product, because you may be legally liable for it. Instead, focus on the standard description and features of the competing product and use the recommendations section to legitimately talk about how and why your product is better. If you can’t make a positive comparison for your product over theirs, then you may want to consider not reviewing it at all.