New Resource Guide: Competitive SEO Analysis

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Competitive SEO Analysis GuideCompetitive SEO analysis has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always found it to be one of the best areas for inspiration and, well, free advice. When done correctly, competitive analysis can save you hours of time from a research standpoint, and it can greatly increase your chances of succeeding in SEO. From keyword research to link building and content marketing ideas, you’ll find a slew of actionable information from your competitors.

Last year we released a very popular SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist that you could use as an aid to take you through this important part of your Internet marketing campaign. This year we decided to revisit that checklist and provide you with a tutorial on how to execute each section in our new resource: The Competitive SEO Analysis Guide.

Within the guide, we take you through each section of the checklist and explain how to capture all of the competitor information (and why it’s necessary). We included some of our favorite competitor analysis blog posts from across the interwebs that we know you’ll find helpful. And if you’re a Raven customer (or thinking of becoming one), we also included details about how Raven can help you with each step of the analysis—just look in the sidebar of each page.

The guide is available in both HTML and PDF format. We hope you enjoy using it!