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New GA for Marketers
By Jon Henshaw

May, 2014

(Re)-Introducing Google Analytics Optimized for Marketers

When Raven first integrated Google Analytics (GA) data several years ago, we solved three problems online marketers had with GA. Marketers couldn’t find their way around a complex GA navigation. Raven created a simpler navigation. Marketers couldn’t find or create the metric views they wanted in GA. Raven integrated only those metric views — no confusing noise. […]

heartbleed bug information  raven
By Scott Holdren

April, 2014

How the Heartbleed Bug Affects Raven Customers

Update Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 1:19 a.m. CDT (GMT-6): We reset the Raven system, which logged all customers out automatically. We strongly recommend that you change your password before you log in again. This closes the Heartbleed Bug vulnerability for Raven customers. You don’t need to take any further action. What happened worldwide A […]

LinkedIn management and reporting in Raven
By Nathan T. Baker

March, 2014

LinkedIn Marketing Arrives in Raven

LinkedIn integration for easy management and consolidated reporting was our No. 1 request from customers last year — and for good reason. It’s the largest professional network with some impressive demographics. Now, directly from Raven, you can promote and engage in conversations across LinkedIn, from personal profiles to company pages to groups. You can also […]

By Nathan T. Baker

January, 2014

6 Places to Find Content Ideas in Raven

Building out your content schedule for the week and not coming up with much? Need a way to kickstart your mind? Here are some places to check out in Raven’s reporting and analytics toolset to get your mind moving. 1. Google Analytics Browse your top landing pages in Campaign > Google Analytics to see what […]

Better GWT Rankings
By Jon Henshaw

January, 2014

Google Rankings Just Got Even Better in Raven

Thanks to some recent changes at Google, we have some great news for customers who use rankings in the Raven platform – and for SEOs in general. John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, recently posted that Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) will now provide more detailed search query data. That means better authorized Google rankings […]

By Jon Henshaw

December, 2013

The Year in Raven (And What We’re Up To In 2014)

2013 was a bit of a wild ride for Raven. All-in-all, it was an exciting and productive year that included a complete makeover of the platform and several major new tools. JANUARY: Goodbye, scraped data It all kicked off in January with the removal of unauthorized scraped data from Google. FEBRUARY: Introducing Site Auditor While […]

By Irene Phelps

December, 2013

How to Report Google Analytics Advanced Segments

One of the great features about Google Analytics is Advanced Segments. And since you can now see Advanced Segments in Raven it’s easy to not only view specific types of traffic, but also generate a report Here’s how to report Google Analytics Advanced Segments in Raven – either from the tool itself, or in Report Wizard. […]

your logo here white label
By Nathan T. Baker

December, 2013

10 Ways To White Label Raven

When you work with clients (or prospective clients), you want to look your best. Let Raven software help. In a few simple steps, you can produce a professional report that lets your brand shine. No matter what degree of branding you want in your reports, Raven has a solution. With all sorts of bells and […]

By Arienne Holland

December, 2013

When Time Matters, Webtise Relies on Raven’s Reports

If your agency offers multiple types of services, creating a single monthly report for a single client can take hours. If your agency started small but is growing rapidly, those are hours you can’t afford to spend on reporting. That’s the situation that longtime Raven customer Webtise found itself in a few years ago. The […]

By Nathan T. Baker

December, 2013

How To Compare Website Competitors in Raven

Raven’s Competitor Manager is your one-stop destination to keep an eye on all of your site’s competitors. Here, you can: Store and search competitors with ease Add competitors one at a time or in bulk Tag competitors for categorization and reporting You can also compare website competitors side-by-side, viewing great competitor domain data like: Raven […]

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