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Google Analytics Campaigns
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Google Analytics Campaigns Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven give me information about my campaigns in Google Analytics? Yes it can! Go into the Campaign section of the side menu and click on Google Analytics. Then navigate to Campaigns in the secondary menu. GALaunchVideos-Campaigns-Final If you’ve used the Google Analytics URL builder to create campaigns within your website, you can track the […]

Google Analytics All Traffic Mini Tutorial
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Traffic Reporting Mini-Tutorial

Can I get traffic and referral data in Raven’s Google Analytics section? Yes you can! By going into Google Analytics > All Traffic, you’ll see exactly that. GA-AllTraffic-Referrals-Final Data is stored based on where all the traffic to your website is coming from. As you look at the table, you’ll notice our new color-coding; red represents […]

Google Analytics Reporting in Raven
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Reporting Mini-Tutorial

Is all of the data available in Raven’s Google Analytics section reportable? Yes it is! Anything you see in the Google Analytics section is easily reportable by going into the Reports Section > Report Wizard. New Raven Google Analytics Overview Choose to create a new report. Then choose from the modules on the left which […]

Google Analytics Reports - Table Dimensions
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Video: Google Analytics New Table Dimensions

What are the new table dimensions in Raven’s Google Analytics integration? I’m so happy you asked. When you go into the Google Analytics section in Raven, you will see that every section has a line graph with a table below. We now gives you a lot more options as to what dimensions you can have within this […]

New Google Analytics Overview
By Heather Haley

June, 2014

Video: Google Analytics Overview Mini-Tutorial

Why should you use Raven’s Google Analytics integration instead of going into Google Analytics itself? There are a few reasons. New Raven Google Analytics Overview First off, we went in and made sure that all of the language in our integration matched the new language in Google Analytics. So now you have “Sessions” and “Sources” […]

New GA Reporting Options
By Jon Henshaw

June, 2014

Bam! Better Google Analytics Reports Just Launched in Raven

It’s live! No more waiting for Raven to update our Google Analytics reports with the data you want most. Based on customer feedback, we reorganized and added more than a dozen new metrics and views to make your reports really sing. Two key new menus make it much easier to find the data you need: Table Content chooser (a.k.a […]

GooGoo Cluster Boxes
By Arienne Holland

June, 2014

Raven Puts the GooGoo in Google Analytics Reporting

Update Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 2:15 p.m.: The updated Google Analytics reports are now live in Raven. Check out what’s new and improved below, enter our GooGoo contest, then go play in your Raven account! Ever had a GooGoo Cluster? It’s a milk chocolate, caramel, peanut and marshmallow nougat confection that tastes like… well, that tastes like the […]

New GA for Marketers
By Jon Henshaw

May, 2014

(Re)-Introducing Google Analytics Optimized for Marketers

When Raven first integrated Google Analytics (GA) data several years ago, we solved three problems online marketers had with GA. Marketers couldn’t find their way around a complex GA navigation. Raven created a simpler navigation. Marketers couldn’t find or create the metric views they wanted in GA. Raven integrated only those metric views — no confusing noise. […]

heartbleed bug information  raven
By Scott Holdren

April, 2014

How the Heartbleed Bug Affects Raven Customers

Update Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 1:19 a.m. CDT (GMT-6): We reset the Raven system, which logged all customers out automatically. We strongly recommend that you change your password before you log in again. This closes the Heartbleed Bug vulnerability for Raven customers. You don’t need to take any further action. What happened worldwide A […]

LinkedIn management and reporting in Raven
By Nathan T. Baker

March, 2014

LinkedIn Marketing Arrives in Raven

LinkedIn integration for easy management and consolidated reporting was our No. 1 request from customers last year — and for good reason. It’s the largest professional network with some impressive demographics. Now, directly from Raven, you can promote and engage in conversations across LinkedIn, from personal profiles to company pages to groups. You can also […]

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