Case Study: With Raven’s help, SEO agency saves a client $120,000

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TrafficFundi is a successful SEO company in South Africa, with clients including AirFrance, Microsoft and TransUnion. But their work with a major online auto marketplace is especially noteworthy. Can you imagine saving a client $120,000 a year? TrafficFundi did, by using Raven Tools for SEO research, link management and site analytics.

trafficfundi-seo-company-south-africaSteven Green, a partner and SEO specialist at the firm, explains how they did it:

What was your client’s initial problem?

There were a couple of things here. First, our client was not able to move above SERP position 3 for any competitive terms such as “used cars.” Also, the client was spending a fortune on PAID links with big media houses and news related portals.

What was TrafficFundi’s initial goal for your client?

Stop them from spending thousands of dollars a month on sponsored ads and links and, rather, bring that traffic in by having a well structured organic SEO campaign. This way we could get our client to spend more money with us, instead of wasting it on ad sites.

How did you use Raven or other tools in the beginning?

First, we set up Raven’s Link Manager to track all the links that the client had paid for to ensure that nothing was amiss or had been removed. Our client was paying for sitewide links on many of these sites and just had no clue as to whether or not he was actually on those pages. SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer also helped us find which links were actually of benefit to the client and which weren’t.

Then, we used Raven to access our client’s Google Analytics to set up Goal tracking to measure referring sites and organic traffic that was actually converting.

What we realized was that the paid links that the client was spending fortunes on were:

  • all listed under Paid sponsorships on the site (BIG no no; Google was most likely not giving them ANY value)
  • driving very little traffic to the site (no conversions)

The client stopped paying for paid links to the site.

What happened then?

  1. Over time, our client moved from SERP position 3 (and they were there for two years) to position 1 for “used cars,” a very important organic keyword.
  2. The traffic volume on our client’s site has increased from 3,000 visitors per day to more than 5,000, and the leads coming in now are of a higher quality.
  3. Lastly, the client has saved more than $10,000 a month by not paying for links.

What were the advantages to using Raven in your agency setting?

Because we have worked on various “used car” sites, and we didn’t want Google to know that we were running more than one, having access to Google Analytics via Raven Tools was just the thing we needed.

We also gave our client user access to our Raven Tools account to monitor all new links that we drove to the site and keep track of link building solutions. We then showed the client how to keep track of his own rankings in Raven Tools, which gave us a bit of breathing space, too—not having to report back all the time.

TrafficFundi is a digital marketing agency in South Africa that offers services including online marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertising and search engine marketing.