Case study: Small-business SEO and social with Raven

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Chris Labbate is Jack-of-all-trades. As a web design + development + SEO + other online marketing stuff guy for a metal roofing company in Ontario, it’s no surprise that tools that help him do his job(s) faster get high marks.


All in all Raven is heads and tails above the rest, says Chris Labbate, a web and marketing manager.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools is one of his favorites. We asked Chris to talk about how, as an in-house professional for a small business, he uses the Raven platform:

What’s your day-to-day routine with Raven?

I log into Raven daily. At first glance I have my traffic report from Google Analytics on the Dashboard telling me where our numbers are. Usually the second stop for me is drilling down into what keywords are working best and where traffic sources are coming in the Metrics section. With this information, we can build up our SEO campaign on what’s working and measure our ROI for various campaigns. All of this reporting can be automated to send out via e-mail to anyone monitoring the campaign, and you can even white label the service for multiple accounts, which I love!

If we happen to be running an AdWords campaign, I might send some time in the Research section to find out relative keywords and do some split testing. Adwords Research and Wordtracker are my two favorite tools to find new search terms and determine traffic volume.

How do you use Raven on a monthly basis?

As a monthly practice, we build up backlinks to our site mainly from associations in the industry as well as search directories. Sometimes they can be slow posting links. Raven’s Link Manager is a perfect tool for remembering where you have placed links and what the status of approval is. You can even use Site Finder to locate other like-minded industry sites with high quality scores for your targeted keywords.

Are you finding Raven’s social integration useful?

This year Google said that it is looking to those who are using social media, and Raven’s got it right. No more logging into 4+ social accounts to get metrics—YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are all displayed right from the Dashboard. With advanced integrations like KnowEm you can get your brand recognized quickly across social media accounts and add some new ones that you didn’t even know existed. If you’re into social media listening you can set up the Social Monitor to listen for buzz keywords online.

Could you name your favorite Raven features?

Raven is an amazing one-stop tool to get the most complete picture I have ever found for search engine marketing and online tracking. It includes tools that are above and beyond the rest… blog management, e-mail campaign reporting… it even includes design reporting to see how your code marks up. I was going mad jumping from tool to tool, but now Raven has centralized my focus and deepened my understanding on one thing: our online marketing campaign, now all in one place.

Okay, summarize Raven for people who like bullet points and will skip right to this section:

  • It’s all in one place
  • Great third-party integration with things like KnowEm and Wordtracker
  • Super easy to set up and little learning curve
  • Video tutorials and great support
  • Cost effective and value add
  • Auto generated reporting and white labeling
  • All major aspects of SEO and Social Media Marketing are made easier and more focused with Raven’s tools. (SEO ADD is a growing concern among experts.)

What would you add to Raven, if you were Jon Henshaw, (a.k.a. The Man with the Raven Product Roadmap)?

  1. More campaign integration for e-mail marketing. We are using Constant Contact for our newsletters. I emailed your support team; they are working on it 😉
  2. for social CRM.
  3. A bid simulator / traffic estimator for Google AdWords campaigns.
  4. A visual graph tool for related keywords. I use Google Wonder Wheel and Touch Graph on a monthly basis.

And if you go a little further down the rabbit hole…?

The other thing that I love using that is really ahead of its time is Clicktale, which makes online video recordings of user visits. There is no better way for me to know how the user experience is on our website than actually watching a visitor navigate and click through it. It’s a level of monitoring that, frankly, scares some people, but I love being informed on what is happening and why.

Chris Labbate works for DoubleAARoofing in Leamington, Ontario, Canada.