Can you beat this BS? Tweet for tickets to Explore Dallas

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Ever since we launched our No BS Contest for tickets to Social Media Explorer’s Explore Dallas event Feb. 17, we’ve been buried in BS.

In honor of Social Media Explorer’s Jason Falls’ book No Bullshit Social Media, we’ve been asking contestants to tell us the best (worst?) BS they’ve heard from social media “experts” and tweet it using the hashtag #BSsocialmediaexpertssay. Seven winners will get tickets to Explore Dallas’ day-long social media symposium worth $400!

You’ve got until Feb. 14 to enter (Note: the event is on Feb. 17th, so you’ll need to be able to get there quick! Locals and people with private planes, we’re talking to you), but in the meantime we thought we’d explore some of the common BS themes we’re seeing.


Oh, people. Just say no to ninjas. You know how we feel about this. Apparently we’re not alone. Witness entries like:
“We are a Social Media Ninja Company.”
“Hey there small biz owner, trust me, I am a social media ninja.”


Sure, let the interns run social media. Aren’t they on Facebook all day anyway? If CEOs are actually saying stuff like this, we’re all in trouble:
“Interns should run your social media strategy.”
“Let’s hire an intern to run our SM strategy since they use it every day.”


Of course ROI, the Holy Grail of social media, is seeing its share on entries. Like:
“Everyone wants ROI and our tool can prove it. We have what your Exec team is looking for!”
“It’s easy to definitively measure ROI in social media. Likes equate to purchases.”
“ROI Doesn’t matter. It’s Facebook’s fault. There’s no way to track it.”

Spam happy

Personality: who needs it? Just keep spamming. Witness these gems:
“The more exposure is the best exposure.”
“Your followers NEED your push messaging; it’s not SPAM.”
“Don’t get personal in your social strategy, make sure you only promote your brand and products.”

Followers first

Everyone knows fans and followers are the best metric. Right?
“Follow everyone you can on Twitter!” Really? That should get me some quality followers back.
“We can increase your ‘likes’ by 100%”
“It’s all about how many ppl Like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter.”
“Just starting on Twitter? We can buy 5K followers in 2 weeks”

These are just a few of the great tweets we’ve received. Got your own BS to share? Hit us with your best shot!

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