Bolo 2011 Keynote: UnMarketing -Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

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UnMarketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Session description: Online and offline methods of staying in front of your client’s target audience, plus practical tools to implement the tactics right away.

Speaker: Scott Stratten

The skinny

“At every point of engagement, you are marketing your business.”

Ed note: It sounds like Scott is from Canada, so I’m wondering which hockey team he supports, and how much smack talk I can get away with.

What he said

  • To be great at customer service you only have to be average because everyone else sucks. Real interactions are what matter, not the hours and days of marketing planning.
  • If marketing isn’t implemented right, it doesn’t matter one bit.
  • Marketing isn’t a task. Marketing is a verb. We don’t do branding, our customers do. They define it.
  • We spend all of our time trying to court new clients, when our current customers are the best source of business.
  • People spread awesome. ‘Nuff said. Nobody spreads normal or average.
  • IT DOESN’T MATTER AT WHAT TIME YOU PUBLISH CONTENT! If it is awesome, people will spread it. That is the magic formula. Nothing else.
  • Be mobile friendly. No one wants to wait for your 845k blog post to load on their mobile device. Especially the Canadians.
  • Every time you add a QR code to an email, a unicorn is slaughtered. Or on a website. Or on a billboard. Stop and think.
  • Social media success doesn’t exist. It’s an ongoing conversation. Pick the best platform for you, and let it grow.
  • The only Twitter metric that matters is % of replies. This signifies engagement, and that’s what Twitter is all about. Or should I say aboot.


Be awesome. Don’t be average, be awesome.