Being first on Twitter really does count

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Thursday news day on the Raven blog, and as they say, bird’s the word. Take your favorite cheesy pasta concoction, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and their latest work with advertising power house Crispin Porter + Bogusky. In less than 24 hours, the ad team turned fan tweets into TV spots and Facebook and YouTube videos.

Tweeters eager for 15 seconds of fame and some meaningful interaction with a major American brand posted updates mentioning “mac & cheese,” then videos based on selected tweets were filmed, and one was aired on late night TV─this over the course of just one day! When the ambitious plan was announced Monday morning, a Kraft spokesperson said they’d be making five videos, and that it could be a “one-off” effort—they were just hoping to get through the day. Two days later, 10 hilarious videos are up on M&C TV. Here’s my favorite:

Businesses are getting slick when it comes to social media, and as Kraft demonstrated this week, much of the success depends on speed. Of course there was another slick and crafty mover on Twitter this week, the @BronxZoosCobra. Within hours of escaping from the zoo, the young Egyptian cobra’s punny tweets shedding light on NYC from a newcomers perspective had amassed a sizable Twitter following. The anonymous comedy act is a hit because of the author’s lightning fast reflexes in recognizing the opportunity to grow a brand through social media just as interest unfolded.

Yesterday I got an email as a member of the Copyblogger news list inviting me to join Third Tribe, an education and networking community led by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark, Problogger’s Darren Rowse, and Chris Brogan of These three powerhouses in blogging and social media have cultivated an online community rich with opportunities and information regarding content marketing. I believe this, not because I’ve had any personal experience in the Third Tribe community, but based on a case study included in my email today.

In it, Copyblogger executive editor Sonia Simone talked to Shane Ketterman, founder and editor of iPad tips and review site Turns out Shane built this business using the lessons he learned amongst the Third Tribe community, and seven months later he gets between 9,000 and 11,000 unique visitors every day. Of course, it didn’t start this way.

I saw a tweet one day and somebody was selling a domain name. It was about the iPad, which had just been released about two months before that. I had one. I said, “Wait a minute. Couldn’t I build a site around this?” Sure I can. So without hesitation I bought the domain name. It was cheap and I bought it. I looked at it and said, “Okay, now what?” That’s kind of how that started.

Shane’s obviously smart, hardworking and knew a thing or two about blogging, marketing and SEO before he launched TC Geeks, but this anecdote in the case study stood out. Where’d Shane get the idea for the site in the first place? A tweet he jumped all over.

If your business is present in social media channels that matter to your audience, you’ve taken the right first steps. To get the most out of your presence, take a cue from success stories popping up on Twitter every week. Be active in conversations, tighten up reaction time of online interactions, and being creative never hurt. In a social media world that demands instant gratification and hyper-competition, being “first” really does count.

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