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By Jeremy Rivera

April, 2013

An OPEN approach to social media outreach

As link building evolves, it seems like it’s more and more about relationships. Getting access to a new audience is just as important as links and rankings, and relationships are what open the door for you to meet that potential new and qualified fan base. Those who have taken the time and energy to build […]

By Jeremy Rivera

April, 2013

Imaginative marketing with cinemagraphs

There’s something about the emotion captured in an image that has fascinated us since the time of cave paintings. Today, it seems like we’ve moved from still lifes and realism to crudely drawn rage comic memes and simple animated GIFs. A downhill slide for art? Maybe. But one art form with a surprisingly intense visual […]

Square Cat Skates
By Jeremy Rivera

March, 2013

Outreach link building in 5 simple steps

As a roller derby referee, I’m serious about my skates. So when I’m at Square Cat Skates, I’m there as a customer. But what if I were there as an SEO, running a link building campaign with the California roller skate and roller derby gear shop as my client? That’s the scenario I walked through […]

By Jeremy Rivera

December, 2012

Ultimate List of marketing Twitter chats

Twitter is a hub for influential people – including authorities on SEO, social media and online marketing. The difficult part is separating the valuable messages from self-promotion. One way to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff is to find and participate in Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry. Twitter chats use […]

By Jeremy Rivera

October, 2012

Ultimate List of Google Authorship Resources

Update June 27, 2014: In light of Google’s recent announcement, we thought we’d post the latest update from Search Engine Land, Google Drops Profiles Photos and Google+ Circle Counts In Search Results, until we can rewrite this post to reflect these changes. Big changes have come to Google search results since the big G started its […]

By Jeremy Rivera

August, 2012

Ultimate List of conversion optimization tools

The goal of any website is to get a user to take action. Whether you’re trying to get them to subscribe to your blog, buy a product, fill out a contact form or anything else, it’s all about improving your conversion rate. With that in mind, here’s our Ultimate List of tools you can use […]

boston terrier dog
By Jeremy Rivera

July, 2012

Technical SEO: The ABCs of 404 errors

It was 1:15 in the morning as I pulled my Subaru Legacy packed with our luggage, a frightened cat, a bored Boston Terrier/Pug, and a pregnant wife off the freeway into Albuquerque. After 15 hours on the road to Nashville from California to fill the position of Product Marketing Manager for Raven, it was time to […]

By Jeremy Rivera

June, 2012

Community: The best local SEO strategy you’re not using

With the big announcement about Google Plus combining with Google Places to create Local+, a new spotlight is on local SEO – a niche that can have a big impact on small businesses. Local tactics focus on bringing your client or business in front of people who live and work close to your target community, […]