Are you a social media tool?

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At Raven, we’re all about tools – it’s even in our name. But even though we create awesome Internet marketing tools, we’d never want to be called a tool.


Our “I’m a Social Tool” T-shirts are always a hot item. But what really makes one a social tool?

So in the interest of public service, we asked our fans, friends, followers and the Internet at large the following question:

What’s the fastest way to become a “social tool” in social media?

The answers came in fast and furious (some of you really had some issues to get off your chest!) and ran the gamut from the benign (retweeting the “wrong” way) to the pretty-creepy (a program set up to auto-like people’s photos? Noooo.) We crunched the numbers … albeit in a vague, beer-drinking, unofficial way … and here are the top 10 ways to become a social media tool.

Ignoring comments


Honestly, it’s kind of baffling that brands would do this, but apparently it happens. A lot. Social media is social. Have the conversation. Why else are you there?

Buying fans/followers



If you’re buying fans or followers, you’re missing the point – and you’re likely not gaining anyone who’s actually, you know, interested in what you have to say. Just a thought.

Selling lots, listening little


from Dawud Miracle on LinkedIn


A few brand messages? Totally fine, says our panel. But hitting people over the head with sales pitches before making any real connection puts you squarely in tool territory.

Social media buzzwords


from Steve Retka on Quora

Ninjas, gurus, Jedis and rock stars? There’s the door.

Automated everything



If your feed is filled with Foursquare checkins, auto DMs and more, you might have a tool infestation on your hands. Time to prune.

Fan groveling


from Steve Retka on Quora


Focusing on arbitrary numbers? Begging for followers? You’re wasting your time – engagement is the name of the game. Put your focus there instead.

Part-time posters



You don’t have to live online, but if you’re going to be social, it helps to be consistent. Flooding followers or disappearing completely are both signs you might be doing it wrong.

Abusing the RT


Do you get compliments online? Great! Do we want to read all of them? Not so much. Just like you wouldn’t repeat every compliment you’ve ever gotten to a new real-life acquaintance, don’t do this online.

Dishonesty/”gaming the system”


from Jason Falls on LinkedIn

If you’re not in it for the right reasons, it’s going to be obvious. Dishonesty is definitely a social media no-no.



Ah, spam. The annoying mosquito of social media. What can we say? Just…don’t.

There you have it: the terrible ten. Thanks to everyone who participated in our informal poll! If you’re not pissed off enough yet, you can read all the answers of those who participated on LinkedIn (and the LinkedIn group Social Media Today), Quora, Facebook and Storify.

We now declare you all free of social media tool-dom. Go forth and spread the word!

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