Announcing unlimited users for Agency accounts

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We love giving our customers more for their money.

That’s why, beginning today, we’re announcing major changes to how many people on your team can take advantage of Raven.

For Agency customers:

  • Agency customers go from eight to unlimited users.
  • Agency customers tracking competitor SERP rankings get 1,000 competitors before overage costs kick in.
  • The base monthly price of $249 stays the same.

For Pro customers:

  • Pro customers get double the users, from two to four.
  • The base monthly price of $99 stays the same.
  • The base monthly price for an extra user—$19—stays the same.

For Trial customers:

  • Trial customers get double the users, from two to four.
  • Our free 30-day trial offer stays the same.

For Raven’s complete price list, see our Plans page.

What are the benefits?

First, this could save you a lot of money, especially if you’re an Agency customer. Though we have already heard from many of our Pro customers who love having double the users, too. And our Agency customers could save money because of the competitor tracking upgrade.

Second, you’ll have more control. With unlimited users, you don’t have to share usernames among your team. That means you can take advantage of Raven’s User Manager and Role Manager to set permissions for your account. Think about it: you can create custom roles and user accounts just for management, interns—even clients.

Third, you’ll have more flexibility. If you’re doing SEO but have a social media manager in another department, give that person a login. They’ll appreciate Raven’s unique Social Stream and Social Monitor tools and metrics, and more people at your company can get to know Raven—this toolset you’ve been raving about.

We heard from one customer yesterday who was pleased as punch about the changes. Here’s what Marjorie Asturias, President and CEO of Blue Volcano Media, wrote:

“As a small but fast-growing agency . . . every little bit helps. Thank you so much for the great customer service and care that you’ve demonstrated throughout the years and which you continue to demonstrate to your customers.”

Concerned about more overages with more users? Agency customers can use the Profile Manager to set data limits.

If you’d like to know more about how Raven’s team management tools can work for you, take a few minutes to watch our instructional video and review our PDF guides.

Why the changes?

From day one, Raven was designed to streamline work for teams—that’s why we built tools such as the User Manager and Role Manager.

But if you’re sharing logins, a team can’t take full advantage of Raven’s collaborative features. It also means that a manager can’t set permissions or limits as effectively.

Doubling Pro account users and giving Agency accounts unlimited users is the best way to make sure our customers can be as effective and collaborative as possible.

Do more. Spend less. That’s the Raven way.

Not a Raven customer yet? Sign up for a free 30-day trial now—and be sure to share those extra user logins.