Announcing Raven’s “Best Business Shorts” contest winners

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It’s been a long, hot summer—and for Raven Tools, that means business shorts.

But fall is upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate the winner of our Best Business Shorts contest! We saw Storm Troopers, mascots, butt shots and more, but there could only be one winner (please drumroll to yourself)…

Our winner!

And that winner is Jack Thornburg of L2T Media.

Jack and coworker plank in snazzy biz shorts

“I wear shorts to work whenever possible. Who knows when an opportunity to plank comes up?”

His winning photo, taken during the height of the planking craze, proved strong enough to survive as planking beget owling, closely followed by … well, you’ll see.

“We’ve been big fans of Raven Tools for quite some time at L2T Media. Personally, if I go longer than a few days without logging into Raven, I’m not doing my job,” Jack says. “We knew from day one of the Shorts Contest that we wanted to be a part of it.”

How did they come up with their winning planking concept?

“Believe it or not, planking was topical/hip at one time,” Jack recalls. “Childish? Maybe. Ridiculous? Without a doubt. It was a different time back then. We’ve moved on…”

These trendy shorts-wearers are now all about “horsemanning,” which I had to Google because I am an Old and clearly have no idea about.

Horsemanning: the new planking?

Jack collects a ton of prizes including a $200 gift card, a six-month subscription to Raven Pro and a bunch of awesome business books by some of our smart friends.


We gave the honor of choosing our runners-up to Leta Malloy of Career Gear, a national nonprofit that helps mentor and update the wardrobes of unemployed men in need. Career Gear will receive all the proceeds from our contest (more on that soon!), and Leta had lots to say about our contestants’ wardrobes.

Second Place:
Caitlin Nelson

Caitlyn creepin'

“With the increased range of motion I can creep on co-workers with the greatest of ease!”

“Not only does she look stylish and professional in her business shorts, but she also knows how to ‘creep,’ displays athletic prowess and is able to stand on a chair with wheels,” Leta says. “I think she is wearing black pumps with her shorts, too. Nice touch.”

Third Place:
Matt Preston

thumbs-up for jorts

“These vintage Diesel shorts used to be jeans, circa 2001. I turned these bad boys into jorts about a year ago and I haven’t looked back.”

“Matt has taken a pair of jeans and reinvented them into a hipster business apparel,” Leta says. “The small dog, tight grey tee, and thumbs-up sign are perfect accoutrements. Anyone who wears jorts must follow this look.”

Thanks to stylish Leta’s wise judgment, Caitlyn and Matt each win $50 gift cards and a three-month subscription to Raven Tools Pro. Not too shabby!

Congrats to all our winners—and to everyone who entered. Thanks for raising money for a great cause (not to mention giving the Internet some fun pictures to gawk at).