Anatomy of the Perfect SEO Client

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A great SEO client is hard to find.

They have to be involved, but not so involved they step on your toes. It would be great if they were knowledgeable about the industry (but not so knowledgeable they could do all the work themselves). They need to collaborate, but also get out of the way and let you work.

And after they do (or don’t do) all of that, they definitely need to pay on time!

Yes, the perfect client is elusive indeed – at least, according to the many responses we got when we asked the folks in Raven’s Facebook community to fill in the blank on this sentence: “The best clients are the ones who __________.”

Here’s what you had to say.

Oh, and in case you want to be on the lookout for that perfect client, we think he would look like this.


Photo Credit: striatic via Compfight cc

  • Rutger

    Is the moustache something to look for with male and female clients? And I think it’s pretty sad so many people would like clients to get out of the way… I think that says more about the consultant than the client.

    • RavenCourtney

      The moustache (mustache? who knows?) was just some added flair. 🙂 I considered that it might be sexist but went with it anyway, because I liked the way it looked!

      And I hear what you’re saying. I think there was a good mix of folks saying they wanted collaboration as compared to those who wanted clients to trust them to do what they were hired to do. Just like there are awesome people and annoying people, there are awesome clients and annoying clients, I’m sure. Guess it depends on your experiences.

      • Rutger

        I’d prefer female clients without a ‘stache’ 😉

      • Rutger

        I’d prefer female clients without a ‘stache’ 😉