How One Agency Found Social Media Zen with Raven

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Social media simplicity — we all want it (or at least all social media marketers do).

And one agency has been able to achieve it with the help of Raven software.

Here’s how the team at Parthenon Publishing uses Raven to manage, analyze and report on social media for many different clients all in one place.

The Customer

Nashville, Tenn.-based Parthenon Publishing is a print and digital custom publishing company that helps clients build stronger relationships with their target audiences: consumers, patients, prospects, members and employees. And for strengthening those relationships through social media, they turn to Raven.


Ashley White, Content Management Associate at Parthenon Publishing

The Problem

Social media strategy can be overwhelming, particularly when juggling multiple clients at once. Parthenon Content Management Associate Ashley White discovered this firsthand when she stepped into a social media focused role.

“I needed so many things — from social media management to figuring out how to gauge what a ‘successful’ post is,” she said in a recent blog post she wrote about Raven. “And that’s when I became familiar with Raven Tools.”

The Raven Solution

In her own words, here are Ashley’s five favorite aspects of Raven that help her calm the social media chaos.

1. All-in-one social management

“We manage social media for several clients across multiple social platforms. I think we were likely expecting that we’d have to use Raven in conjunction with other tools, as you often do — but it’s been pretty comprehensive for us.”

2. All-in-one social reporting

“We use the social media metrics functions the most. Having all metrics in one place is helpful. Being able to see the data across multiple social channels for a client is incredibly important. Raven Tools allows us to step outside an individual social network and see the big picture of how they all tie together throughout the month.”

3. Time-saving tools

“Raven Tools helps us save money by saving time. The tool makes putting together reports for clients, or monitoring social platforms throughout the month, centralized and thereby saves time in bouncing between different networks.”

When you work in an agency and wear different hats for different clients, having one tool with all the information you need in one place is extremely efficient.

4. Social that leads to sales

“Being able to show stats to our clients, including the helpful graphics Raven generates, not only allows us to grow our social business with existing clients, but also is helpful in our sales efforts for prospective clients. Plus, we are able to dive into social strategies that produce the most ROI for our clients.”

5. Tools that guide smart strategy

“Using the tool to monitor what works and what doesn’t allows our client to make money in being able to replicate or expand on the ideas that work, and eliminate the ones that don’t. Because of Raven’s data and reporting, we can see in real time how our social posts perform, click rates, reach, etc., to be able to drill in on the strategies that work best. Replicating what works leads to a streamlined social strategy and a great return for our clients.”

The Bottom Line

“An integral part in executing social media for clients is being able to show them value month over month and to be able to show in real terms the return on investment. Raven Tools has been instrumental in our being able to do that.”

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