New Feature: Adding a Website just got a bit smarter

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There are times when we revisit a feature and see something that’s glaringly missing. We call those “duh” moments. Not having you authorize Google Analytics (GA) when you add a new Website to Raven was one of those moments.

Raven utilizes GA throughout the platform. It’s used within the dashboard and integrates with our social media tools, ranking results tracker, email monitoring and campaign reporting.

It only makes sense to add authorizing GA to the add a new Website process, so we did. After you authorize GA, and finish the add a new Website process, you’re taken to the Dashboard, which will now have active GA modules.

Authorize Google Analytics

But wait, there’s more!

Since GA is full of insightful information, we figured it was a good idea to use that data to help get a Website started in Raven. So that’s what we did.

When you add a Website in Raven, authorize GA and also check the option to auto-discover, the system will auto-populate the Keyword Manager and Link Manager. In addition, the auto-discover feature will also auto-populate the Competitor Manager and start tracking the keywords in the SERP Tracker.

Auto-discover Website Data

We hope these changes will help new (and existing) users get up and running quicker.

Update: Based on the <exaggerate>hate mail and death threats</exaggerate> we received from customers in the UK, we’ve updated the setup wizard. We added back the option to choose the search engines you want to track ranking results with. We also made tracking the keywords that are auto-discovered optional.

Choose Search Engines

  • discuit

    Apart from the fact it defaults everything to Google US, so is completely useless for Europe.

  • Jon Henshaw

    @Discuit, good point. I’ll try to see if we can address that. We’re trying to strike that perfect balance between making it incredibly simple for users that have never used the system, and also users that know exactly what they want to do. But not having a locale option during the wizard is only useful if you’re in the US. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Blake

    I actually don’t care for this change. It would nice if I could “opt out.” I almost always already have my keywords targeted before I start entering client data into Raven, so it’s an extra wasted step that I have to go through. Also, many of my clients don’t have GA installed when we bring them on, so if we add them to Raven right away, it is, again, another wasted step.

  • Jon Henshaw

    @Blake, you can currently skip the GA and auto-populate process by just clicking the next buttons, but you’ll still lose two clicks from your life that you’ll never be able to get back 😉 I do want to have an account settings page that will allow you to change system defaults, so we might be able to add an option that skips certain steps in the wizard. No timeframe on when that will be done, but it’s definitely on my list of features I want to add. Your feedback has been duly noted!

  • How can I ‘Auto-discover’ after I have set up my site?

  • Arienne Holland

    Karen, you can still “auto discover” after you have created your website, but you’ll need to sync Google Analytics with your website. Read more at the Raven Knowledge Base article about Google Analytics or email Thanks!