6 Places to Find Content Ideas in Raven

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Building out your content schedule for the week and not coming up with much? Need a way to kickstart your mind? Here are some places to check out in Raven’s reporting and analytics toolset to get your mind moving.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics landing pages

Browse your top landing pages in Campaign > Google Analytics to see what content people are most interested in. If you have a forum or blog, check top landing pages there too.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Raven tools tops searches

View your Top Searches in SEO > Google Webmaster Tools and filter by impressions or clicks to see how people are finding you. Are you writing based on what people are looking for? Also, click the Related Keywords tab to see what topics you may want to branch into.

3. Research Central: AdWords

research central adwords

Search for a phrase in Research Central and discover related phrases in the AdWords tab. Click the gear icon next to a keyword to go further down the rabbit hole.

4. Research Central: Semantic Tab

research central semantic tab

Paste in a blog post or website you admire into Research Central and click the Semantic tab. You’ll see which keywords are most prominent on that page. This allows you to quickly browse the topics related to the content.

5. Twitter search

twitter search in raven

Save a Twitter search in Social > Twitter > Search to get ideas related to a topic. You can also look for content related to a topic if you set up a twitter list and add experts on that topic.

6. Facebook Metrics

facebook metrics

Browse your Facebook posts in Social > Facebook Metrics to see what type of content is the most engaging. You may be surprised. Try replicating success on another channel.

These are the areas in Raven I find the most fruitful for content ideas. What about you?

P.S. Still have nothing? Here are 15 free tools for instant content ideas.

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