28 definitions of social media ROI

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Recently on our Facebook page we asked a simple question. The topic? Only a few little words, but so capable of striking fear into the hearts of social media marketers everywhere.


As for the answers, we got everything from “blahblahblah” to “fun and profitable” (we’re definitely going to follow up and find out HER secret!).

Here’s a look at the Raven community’s (always smart and outspoken) responses.





The answers we got were so interesting that I posed the question on our Twitter account:

And our Google Plus page too:


Contrary to the “social media ROI is impossible” camp (and I feel you, I really do), I think social media ROI is possible. But no one said it would be easy.

I recently spoke on just this topic – Understanding Social Media ROI – at SMX West with a great panel including Monique Pouget of ThunderSEO, Merry Morud of aimClear and Tami Dalley of Buddy Media.

Check out my slides below. I hope they help get you started on a realistic strategy to find YOUR social media ROI.

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