OMS giveaway results: 2012 is the year of…

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This week, Raven Tools is at Online Marketing Summit, a global educational event for marketing professionals in San Diego. And we brought along some lucky contest winners, too!

We had a few extra tickets to give away, and since OMS is one of the first Internet marketing conferences of the year, we asked: what will 2012 be “the year of” in Internet marketing?

Here are the four best answers, as chosen by Ravens. The winners of our OMS giveaway received All-Access OMS Passes worth more than $1600. And maybe a drink or two from some Ravens.

2012 will be the year of: blogging and authorship

“With the recent changes in Google’s search functionality and information presentation on SERPs, it’s quite possible that we will witness yet another huge amplification of blogs’ power.

Authorship  will be associated with centralized profiles (Google +, Facebook, etc). Microdata is making its way into WordPress as well. What Google is trying to do is to associate content, ranking, reviews with real people. That’s what blogs have been doing since the very beginning. So, by connecting blogs, author pages and Google + profiles, bloggers will be jumping on this wave of changes and getting even more attention than ever before.

It’s quite possible that keyword association and quality ranking will go beyond any given stand-alone text. It may spill over to the author’s profile and improve ranking of other related materials that will be created by this author elsewhere on the web.

So, perhaps it’s time to concentrate on blogging and guest postings for the sites that will help to identify the author of content.”
– Dan Denysenko

2012 will be the year of: synchronization

“Instead of increasing the number of sites, tools and apps we use in social media, 2012 will be the year of synchronization; we keep it simple and use one single platform that organizes, puts together and syncs all our activities.”
– Henrik Berglin

2012 will be the year of: the app

“91.4 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in November, up 8 percent from the preceding three month period.

Smart phone sales are booming, and nearly everyone is downloading apps. People with smart phones are spending more time on apps than surfing the web.”
– Ellen Hakala

2012 will be the year of: the dragon

“Why? Because the Chinese say so, and who are we to question the likes of Confucius?  To the Chinese, the dragon has the following positive characteristics: innovative, enterprising, self-assured, brave and passionate.

Online marketing, an interesting obsession for many like myself, has become more and more of a challenge over the years. Disillusioning some, but for those SEO/Ms who exhibit the drive and motivations of the dragon, 2012 won’t be the year the world ends or zombies invade, but a year of passionately embracing new challenges (looking at you Google).”
– Marty Martin

What else will 2012 be the year of?

Although only four of entries could earn tickets, all the answers had insightful things to say about Internet marketing trends in the year to come. I commissioned one of our most artistically inclined Ravens, Arienne Holland, to whip up a pie chart showing what you guys think 2012 will bring. Thanks to everyone who entered!


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