10 Ways to Get Less Search Engine Traffic

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Imagine a world where buying and selling links actually added value to your site, where writing white text on a white background actually improved your SERPs and was a legitimate way of building a keyword rich site. Hundreds of pages with the same content is an awesome way to get more people to view your site! Whaddya know? Your message is multiplied — could it get any easier than that?

This world is known as Bizarro SEO Town. Every good and decent SEO specialist is forbidden from entering past the city gates. Only nefarious SEO grinches and those who want less search engine traffic may enter. You may be thinking to yourself that I’ve had one too many eggnogs, but I assure you dear readers that I’m quite sane.

In all seriousness, the techniques that I mentioned should be avoided at all costs. But if you’re curious enough, Jeremy Morgan has written a very tongue in cheek 10 ways to get less search engine traffic.

  1. Build hundreds of pages with the same content
  2. Buy 145 domains, and point them all at the same site
  3. Keep your keyword density as high as possible
  4. Spam your links in wordpress or other blog comments
  5. Join as many link exchanges as possible
  6. Use as many free for all “FFA” sites as possible
  7. Target popular keywords and enjoy the extra traffic
  8. Generate Random Text
  9. Build Cloak Pages
  10. Hide Your Text