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"We spend a few minutes adding each client to our account when they first sign up, schedule their reports and never have to worry about it again."
Tim Kelsey

Tim Kelsey
Director of Client Marketing Services, Pronto Marketing

End the tedium of monthly reports.

What if you could reclaim the time that tedious reporting wastes? With intuitive online marketing software, you can stop grinding away at your computer and be home in time for dinner.

Once you're set up with Raven, you'll be creating your first campaign in minutes – building custom, mobile-ready reports. With automated, interactive marketing reports, Raven will be the time-saving hero to your team and a delight to your clients.

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"After reviewing 17 providers, it was Raven’s leading credentials, reputation and easy-to-use platform that swayed us. Raven has gone on to meet all of our expectations and more, providing our clients with a fantastic user experience."
Click Consult

Click Consult
UK-based marketing agency

Impress clients when you show them where their campaign stands.

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Whether it's landing new clients or managing campaigns more efficiently, Raven helps you benchmark and monitor exactly what's important to you and your clients. Supercharge your online marketing reports with Raven's reporting engine.

  • Get a granular view of a website's SEO issues.
  • Create beautiful, interactive reports in mere seconds.
  • Store loads of marketing research data for unlimited reports.
  • Organize and store an entire link building campaign for content outreach.
  • Integrate 20+ data sources, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)
"Being able to show clients the reports and what they look like before a sale is awesome. Being able to benchmark and show results after the first few months tends to WOW our clients."
Chris West

Chris West
Digital Marketing Specialist, Media Heroes

X-ray anyone's website for technical SEO issues.

Raven's Site Auditor automatically crawls any website to gather data about key technical SEO areas and supports Google's latest requirements, such as page speed and mobile responsive design.

With one glance at the Site Auditor summary, you see an overall picture of a website's SEO health. Zoom in on any category, and Site Auditor presents specific details about what pages need SEO attention and why.

SEO Website Auditor

"The ability to generate reports that tell more about a website than a prospect knows is the key to building business using Raven."
Josh London

Josh London
SEO Consultant

Generate big results with powerful tools.

If you're looking for unlimited campaign management without sacrificing quality, then you'll want to take Raven for a spin. When you do, we're convinced that we’ll soon become like an invisible member of your online marketing team.

"After reviewing several Internet marketing software solutions, such as Moz, I can safely say that Raven is the best solution to fill the needs of savvy marketers."
Jordan Ochel

Jordan Ochel
Director of Digital Marketing, The Dwyer Group