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July 2014

July 22

Bug Fix: If you generated a report that included the Google Analytics: Overview, the tables didn’t show any data, they’re blank. It mostly affected the “Quick Report” for the Overview module.
Update: The automatic sample report for trial customers didn’t include the new Google Analytics: Summary module, which now is called Google Analytics: Overview. We’ve updated the report, and now trial customers can view a complete report.
Update: We added a Manage Accounts option to the Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools. You can easily delete Raven’s access to Google accounts you’re not using anymore.

July 21

Bug Fix: Read-only users had some difficulties accessing the Report History section. This is now solved.
Bug Fix: We found an issue that briefly affected all the reporting modules with tables. If you had checked or unchecked any of boxes, you weren’t able to save the changes.

July 17: Bug Stomp, Part 3!

Bug Fix: Let’s say you attempted to edit a custom quality score in Research Central. None of the metrics you added would appear on the page. Now they do.
Bug Fix: Some people couldn’t see all of the LinkedIn groups that they had admin access to in LinkedIn. We dug into the LinkedIn API now calls group admins “Managers” instead of “Admins.” Raven was still looking for the word “Admin.” Our code now looks for the new word.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics: Social – Overview report module showed a blank space instead of a pie chart if you didn’t have conversion data. Now Raven will skip that section if there is not data.
Bug Fix: If you tried to add a blog to the Blog Manager, the following error displayed: “Unable to connect to blog URL.” Things connect now.
Bug Fix: If you created a Brand Template without uploading a logo image — you just wanted to use text as your logo — then the text you added didn’t show up on reports. Now you can create a logo-less Brand Template.
Bug Fix: If you went into the All Traffic section in Google Analytics, selected Organic Traffic from the Advanced Segment drop-down menu, and swapped between goals, the Goals Completions metric wasn’t updating. That also affected the Goal Conversions Rate and Goal Value metrics.
Feature Request: You can now export contact email addresses to CSV from the Link Manager.
Bug Fix: On the Google Analytics All Traffic reporting module, if you changed the dimension of the Source/Medium, the generated report dropped the first source column.
Update: You can now send one-time reports with a “Trackable Download” link and view its history. In addition, the option/link under the gear icon dropdown menu has been changed from “Detail” to “Download History.”
Update: We added CPA, ROAS and RPC columns to tables in Google AdWords.
Bug Fix: On the Twitter Metrics section we found that the number of retweets was being calculated incorrectly. Now they’re accurate.

July 16: Bug Stomp, Part 2!

Bug Fix: If you tried to switch between Twitter accounts on the same campaign, you had to refresh the page or even log out of Raven to see data for the different Twitter account. Now you can easily and quickly move between accounts.
Update: You can now add a title to the Keyword Manager reporting module.
Bug Fix: Reports with filtered Backlink Explorer data were showing all data instead.
Bug Fix: We fixed an error with our Google Webmaster Tools authorization process.
Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports weren’t including the permalinks, and some customers were adding them manually. We corrected the issue so that reports include this information automatically. No more extra work!
Bug Fix: We found out that user accounts with read-only access could see the Edit Report button. Not anymore. As intended, now read-only users can only read and view existing reports.
Bug Fix: We stopped Raven from showing a Google AdWords sub-navigation when it wasn’t supposed to.
Update: SEOmoz rebranded to Moz more than a year ago, and we updated all references to that data in our software back then. Or so we thought… we found several lingering mentions of SEOmoz in Research Central’s Quality Score section. Those have been replaced with the correct name.

July 15: Bug stomp, part 1!

Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports would break if you tried to report “no results.”
Bug Fix: Filters that you saved in the Google Analytics tool weren’t showing up in Google Analytics Report Wizard module. Now they do, and you can report your filtered Google Analytics data.

July 10

Update: We are now allowing more manual selections of Primary Dimensions in Google Analytics Geo: Location reports. For example, you can generate a report of any cities within a country, regardless of the state or region they’re in.
Bug Fix: We found a strange display issue if you attempted to run a large report with multiple Google Analytics Content: Landing Pages modules with Goals selected. All modules and data display properly now.

July 9

Bug Fix: The www-redirect detection in Site Performance was not working properly working in some instances and created confusion. If you add a domain as a competitor or the root domain in Site Performance, it now checks for both the www and non-www version of the domain for redirect. In the case a redirect is found, it returns a positive result.
Bug Fix: We removed “None” as a choice in the Goals drop-down menu option in Google Analytics module in Report Wizard. If you selected “None,” it kept reverting to “All Goals.” It was confusing and unnecessary — the default is None.

July 7

Bug Fix: We found an issue with pagination if you authorized a Google Analytics account that had more than 1,000 properties.
Bug Fix: Arrows were disappearing when you sorted arrows by column on any table in Google Analytics. Doh!
Bug Fix: If your Primary Dimension was set to “Goal Completion Location” and Goals to “All Goals,” only the first two goals appeared as column options, even if you had more than two goals associated with your Google Analytics account.

June 2014

June 30

Bug Fix: If you changed the Primary Dimension in the Google Analytics module in Report Wizard, the Primary Dimension column wasn’t showing up in the report.

June 27

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where read-only users couldn’t access Google Analytics, even if you had granted them access.
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug related to campaigns with long names. This was causing the header logo on the PDF reports to get pushed into an overflow area, making some reports look wonky.

June 25

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Usage page was not showing you all the campaigns that had link monitoring turned on.

June 19

Bug Fix: Bounce Rate columns on your Google Analytics reports displayed inverted colors — low bounce rates were red (bad) instead of green (good). Now all the colors are in the proper places.

June 18

Bug Fix: The summary text you saved in the Link Manager reporting module in Report Wizard was not making it into the actual report. Now it is!

June 16

Bug Fix: Fixed YouTube account picker.

June 11

Update: We released new Google Analytics reports, which include significantly more metrics. Learn why Google Analytics marketing reports are now better, faster and easier with Raven.
Bug Fix: Landing Page data in Google Analytics had duplicate entries for URLs.
Bug Fix: Some Social Monitor reports were missing sentiment colors.
Feature Request: Added the destination URL to the Link Manager table. This means that you now can filter Link Manager results by destination URL. Also, you can display it on CSV exports and PDF reports.
Bug Fix: If you tried to add a custom site to Persona Manager — for example, Google+ — you saw an error message that a persona website with the same name already existed (even though it didn’t). Oops. Now fixed.

June 9

Update: Removed several duplicate actions that were slowing your first log in experience. Raven is now 3-5% faster!

June 6

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some scheduled LinkedIn posts were being posted twice.

June 4

Update: Added the number of users included in your plan to the upper section of the User Manager page. This will avoid any confusion when you create a new user or reactivate an existing one.
Bug Fix: Released a fix for Top Ads reporting module. When we generated a report with an AdWords campaign that included the text and ad, the PDF was only formatting the rows for text ads. This caused the table row to extend beyond the bottom of the page.

June 3

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing timeout issues when you tried to retrieve company data information in LinkedIn. As a consequence, data was not being displayed.

June 2

Bug Fix: When you attempted to edit a scheduled tweet and shortened the URL, the URL did not shorten. This is working again now.