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December 2014


Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: When you attempted to create a quick report from the Ad Groups view in the AdWords Metrics tools you were greeted with a 404 page error.
Bug Fix: Blog Manager wasn’t showing any posts for blogs that were successfully connected.
Bug Fix: Email messages from the old Report Wizard weren’t being formatted properly, as they weren’t showing any line breaks.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added the option to show Facebook’s Weekly Total Reach as a line graph.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with table spacing in PDF reports.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics All Traffic Average Order Value and All Traffic per Session Value KPIs were blank, but not they display data.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: When you exported a report to PDF and included long tables, blank pages were randomly added.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: In Rankings, the trendline on the line graph wasn’t matching what was reported as the Google Average Position total.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Average Position KPI under Rankings was showing “0” as subtitle.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: When you posted to Company Pages with the LinkedIn tool, content was being duplicated.
Bug Fix: The Total Page Size shown on Site Auditor wasn’t matching the data provided in reports.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: We weren’t properly converting the data for LinkedIn Company Profile CTR and Engagement widgets to percentages.
Bug Fix: When you added a hyperlink to a report, any PDF created from it was showing both the linked text and the URL. Too much ugly!

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Some folks encountered an issue when they created a new sub-user account in User Manager. Even though all the information was in place, the system was triggering a “Require Name” error.
Bug Fix: The Backlink line graph in the Summary section of Research Central wasn’t whacked, with lines all over the place. We smoothed them back out.
Bug Fix: When you generated a report that included the Link Manager module, the report was failing to complete. It works now.
Bug Fix: The Tool Options button in Site Auditor was intermittently disappearing. On the initial load it worked. But it then disappeared if you navigated to another section of Raven and came back.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added additional Facebook KPIs, including Total Lifetime Likes, Daily New Likes, Daily Unlikes, Page Views and Unique Visitors.
Bug Fix: Scheduled reports that were being sent as a PDF attachment weren’t including the custom email message. Now they do.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: When you added Summary data to the Facebook module, and you weren’t showing the Page Posts table, an extra blank page was being added to the report. (Talk about random.)
Bug Fix:  Blog Manager couldn’t connect blogs with a http to https redirect.
Bug Fix: Under the visibility section of Site Auditor, we weren’t showing the number of pages for redirects.
Bug Fix: The Page URL wasn’t displaying on the Page column under the Visibility section of Site Auditor. The Page Title in the Meta section was also being affected.
Bug Fix: Individual profile roles weren’t saving in User Manager, specifically on very large, detailed forms.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: When outputting reports to PDF, the URL was wrapping over and therefore not fitting properly. We solved this issue by increasing the URL size to 60%.
Bug Fix: The Keyword Manager widget wasn’t displaying Average Rank comparison data, but now it does.
Bug Fix: Fixed some issues related to how Google Analytics was reporting eCommerce data.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Profile level Filter Sets weren’t available for table widgets. We only included global filters, so we added the profile level options as well.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: We killed the dividing lines in the navigation menu for hidden tools. Your read-only users won’t wonder what they’re missing anymore.

November 2014


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now drill down to campaigns in Adwords KPI widgets.
Update: Top Ads AdWords widgets now displays full ad text.
Bug Fix: Another case of disappearing changes! When you created frequency settings to schedule reports, all was well… unless you had to view those settings again, when they would revert to the default.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: If you deleted a negative keyword in AdWords, the system triggered an error message.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Email Metrics KPI widgets were showing decimal values instead of percentages.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Fixed the AWeber connection with CRM, which was triggering an error message.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added an Email Report button so you can email reports right away.
Bug Fix: More Text Summary issues. This time, some paragraphs were overlapping the next section and making the report look messy. All cleaned up now!
Bug Fix: Turns out that there were table sorting issues that were affecting Firefox/Safari differently than Chrome. Sorting now works as expected on all these three browsers.
Bug Fix: Facebook and Twitter comparison data was missing.
Bug Fix: When you created a report and a given section was more than one page of length, the table heading could show at the end of one page, and the table of contents on the next one. Now all the things that belong together are together.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: LinkedIn Company Referrals stats were showing a change value, but the weren’t formatted as percentages. They are now.
Bug Fix: Research Central’s backlink line graph was displaying “2000” for every year. Oops!


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: PDF annotations are now turned off by default for line charts.
Update: The Link Manager widget didn’t offer the option to filter data by date, like in the old reports. This functionality has been added.
Bug Fix: PDF report titles were being cut off or displaying improperly.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Attention multi-taskers! If you create a Filter Set for any of the tables that contain filtering options, feel free to refresh the page or navigate elsewhere. When you come back, your filtered view will persist.

Bug Fix: When you edited a user in User Manager the default was automatically being set to “Unrestricted.” Access rights are being applied correctly now.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Text Summaries weren’t spacing paragraphs correctly on published reports.
Bug Fix: If you gave a widget a custom name and later you edited it, the custom title was getting overwritten and defaulting to the original one.
Bug Fix: Choosing “None” as a comparison date range didn’t remove comparison start and end dates from reports.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: You weren’t able to add a Site Auditor bar char widget to your report.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now export reports to PDF. YAY!

Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Social Monitor reports not pulling a complete list of Twitter results.
Bug Fix: An error was preventing folks from adding negative match keywords to be added to Ad Groups in Google AdWords.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: We added country and region filters to the Google Analytics Geo Location reporting widget.
Update: You can now hide dates ranges from displaying on any section of your reports.
Update: You have the ability to turn on/off PDF annotations from reports.
Bug Fix: Some folks were seeing “invalid logo selected” when they attempted to upload a logo to their report. All logos are valid again.
Bug Fix: Reports were ignoring the checkboxes for “Set All Dates” in the Report Settings form. They should stick now.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Link Manager widgets were having issues if you’re storing a large number of links with Raven. The pie charts and tables weren’t always loading, but they should now.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Do you have an email address with one of the newer, longer TLDs? We can handle that.
Update: Added five levels of categories and product types under Google Shopping.
Bug Fix: The GA Overview graph was hard to read because of the number of unlabeled lines. We addressed this issue by separating multiple metrics into separate charts.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Removed Facebook’s Who You Reached chart plotting.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added “Save current view to CSV” option to Social Monitor search results.
Bug Fix: The Add Link button on the main Link Manager page disappeared… unless you happened to visit a link record and then go back to the page. The Add Link button is back now!
Bug Fix: The AdWords Performance module in Report Wizard was showing an extremely large number under the Cost column. The metric has been properly formatted.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: The logo and campaign name area can now allow longer campaign names.
Update: If you uploaded a logo that was too big, there wasn’t a way to edit or remove the logo and try again. Now an edit/remove button always shows.
Bug Fix: Sometimes, if you imported a custom report into a different profile or campaign to use as a template, many of your customized widgets would reset to their default settings… which defeats the purpose of a template. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

October 2014


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: In several instances, the date picker in Dashboards and Reports wasn’t allowing changes to date ranges. This isn’t the case anymore.
Bug Fix: When you have a KPI widget using the eCommerce table content settings from Google Analytics, editing the KPI showed the “Summary” metrics dropdown instead of eCommerce ones. Now you get the correct dropdown.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: Sometimes, links in the Related Links table in a Website Directory entry weren’t pointing to the right places. Now they do.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Blog Manager table widgets were sorting entries incorrectly.
Bug Fix: Site Performance’s Domain Authority KPI widget wasn’t working for competitors.
Bug Fix: The First Page CPC columns on the AdWords Top Performance table widget were using an incorrect number format.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: If you attempted to reject a Textbroker article, a blank window would display. Consequently the article wasn’t rejected. This issue has been solved.
Bug Fix: Improved issues related to uploading your logo for white labeling.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: There were some sorting issues with the Average Rank column in the Keyword Manager table widget.
Bug Fix: The CTR column on the GWT Top Searches table widget wasn’t displaying results as percentages. We added the percentage symbol there, as well as in the GWT tool itself.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added Keyword Manager Ranking as a table KPI under Rankings.
Bug Fix: The “Last Month” comparison date range was simply subtracting a month from start and end date. Months with different number of days weren’t accounted for. This is now solved.
Bug Fix: Custom Date ranges and Custom Compare Date ranges in any section of a report weren’t handling the dd/mm/yyyy format very well.
Bug Fix: If you edit the way that a Link Manager table widget sorts, the sort now “sticks.”

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Added a preventive measure for Textbroker so orders cannot be accepted more than once.
Update: When creating a new sub-user account, the individual profile role was automatically set as “No Access.” This was making it particularly difficult when you had to change a large number of user profiles. The default role is now set to “Use Default.”
Update: We have clarified an error message in Site Finder. If you run a query for a report older than 90 days, the message now says, “Backlink data has expired for that domain.” We do not store backlink data in Backlink Explorer or Site Finder tools older than 90 days.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Submit and Cancel buttons on the GWT: Top Searches table are working again, and you are able to change the number of results displayed.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The legacy dashboard was reporting AdWords costs as millions of dollars. Definitively wrong!
Bug Fix: We fixed a problem where updating link statuses in bulk in Link Manager accidentally redirected some people to the dashboard.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: We added several more KPIs to Site Auditor! We also aded a new widget type to Total Issues — a horizontal bar chart that mimics the bar chart in the Site Auditor tool.
Bug Fix: AdWords KPI widgets weren’t pulling in comparison data correctly.
Bug Fix: Last week we gave you a way to set the number of results that displayed in your table in the HTML view… but the print-friendly version still displayed all results no matter what. This resulted in unnecessarily long reports.
Bug Fix: Some columns in the Rankings table displayed results as ++. Now they display the proper data.
Bug Fix: Some AdWords widgets on scheduled reports were stuck in the spinning wheel of death; the widgets never populated with data. We fixed that.


Related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: The date format you select in Report Settings (mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy) is now reflected in line graphs and bar charts too.
Update: We adjusted the list of reports you can import to organize it nicely. For each report you can import, we now show the name of the profile and campaign where it was first created/shared.
Bug Fix: If you added a Goals KPI from Google Analytics, the data reported was the same regardless of which conversion you selected, even eCommerce. So frustrating! This issue has been fixed.
Bug Fix: If you imported a report with Google Analytics KPIs in them, all those KPIs changed their metrics to Sessions. Double frustrating! That doesn’t happen anymore.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now filter Google Analytics results in tables by metrics. Before your only option was to filter results by the primary dimension.
Update: We removed the footer text and default Raven logo from the PDF Quick Reports you can create in individual tools.


These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: We added LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages as data sources for new reports and the new dashboard. You can now generate reports with these data sources.
Update: Custom filters are now available as a filter option in Dashboards and Reports.
Update: Added weekly as  a plotting frequency for line graphs and bar charts.
Bug Fix: Some charts displayed the error “Too Much Recursion.” It seemed to be happening more in Firefox than any other browsers. The issue has been solved.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: In AdWords, the previous period comparison line was appearing even when comparison settings were set to none. This is now fixed.

October 15

These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: If you added a Top Searches widget to your report, we were displaying a few columns unrelated to the current widget. All good now!
Bug Fix: Dashboard widgets were not transferred when you moved a campaign from one profile to another. Information is now retained when moved.


These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You couldn’t import a branded template from a different profile, but now you can. YAY!
Bug Fix: AdWords widgets in new reports and the new dashboard weren’t showing comparison date ranged according to customer’s settings. This is not the case anymore.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The AdWords Summary module in the old Dashobard was asking you to connect AdWords, even when the account was already connected and data was coming through.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the Add Task button which was not working in some sections of Raven. The functionality has been restored.


These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now report on eCommerce data using the Google Analytics widgets.
Bug Fix: Discovered an issue in which the Text Summary was overlapping data in reports. Everything looks good now.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Goals widget was showing Sessions instead of Goal Completions. As a result, the widget wasn’t displaying any data.
Bug Fix: When in a report, updating date formatting options in Reports Settings didn’t affect each section’s date settings. It now works as expected.
Bug Fix: Found an issue with some graphs showing a slight difference from the date range originally selected. This problem has been solved.
Bug Fix: Choosing None as a compare date range didn’t remove the comparison data. It now works as intended.
Bug Fix: The Keyword Manager table was converting mini line charts into ridiculous strings of characters. No more funny characters instead of charts.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Google Analytics Geo Location module was dropping the primary dimension when a filter for state/regions was applied. This is fixed.


These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: The Site Performance widget for Moz External Backlinks wasn’t calculating percentage correctly. We fixed the math.
Bug Fix: Date ranges set to “Last Week: Sunday-Saturday” were pulling data from Monday-Sunday instead. We’ve got our calendar straight now.
Bug Fix: Increases and decreases in AdWords data now show the right colors. Rising costs and declining revenues are red (bad). Declining costs and rising revenues are green (good).
Bug Fix: In the Twitter Retweets KPI widget, we showed 0.0% with an up arrow if there was no change. We now show “–” with no arrow.
Bug Fix: The Google Impressions KPI widget wasn’t calculating the percentage change correctly. We fixed the math here, too.
Bug Fix: Editing some Google Analytics widgets caused Revenue and Transactions to disappear.
Bug Fix: AdWords widgets weren’t pulling any data when added as a group.

Not related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Bug Fix: If you clicked on any links in the Website Directory tool, you saw a blank page instead of link information. Now it is working as it should.


These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now set custom comparison date ranges in reports and dashboards, or choose “None” for no comparison at all.
Update: Choose the plotting frequency for line graphs and bar charts: daily, monthly or yearly.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics KPI widget for Returning Visitors Sessions wasn’t showing any data when a Dimension Key was selected, even though there was data to report. It’s fixed!

October 7

These are related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: You can now limit the number of rows shown in a table. The default is set to 10, but you can increase it to 1,000. Woohoo!
Bug Fix: Some widgets weren’t displaying definitions on the ? hover in published reports. Now they are.

October 6

These are all related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: Table columns that should sort based on numbers now do. Some columns were sorting by the percentage change, instead of the numbers those percentage changes were based on. That led to odd sorting results, such as columns that went from -568% to -100% to 0 to 100% to 568%. While technically accurate, this wasn’t very helpful for at-a-glance views at your best (or worst) data.
Update: Favicon was an image of Raven’s logo on new report URLs, which was a problem for fully custom domain / white label customers. Now it’s gone! No more issue.
Bug Fix: When you rename a widget, it now “sticks” even after you edit the widget. This was super annoying, so we’re glad it’s fixed.
Bug Fix: Sorting the Reports tables by Views was causing the table to blank out.
Bug Fix: Watermark was being applied to reports in non-trial user’s accounts.
Bug Fix: Twitter charts were only showing 30 days of data regardless of the date range selected. You should see more than 30 days of data now.
Bug Fix: The “Compared To” date range listed in Dashboards was the same as the main date range. Now it’s showing what it’s supposed to by default, which is the corresponding previous period to your Dashboard date range.
Bug Fix: If you added a Facebook KPI widget to your report, Raven was not reporting any data, even if your Raven was authorized to access your Facebook account. The KPI are now displaying data properly.

October 2

These are all related to Raven’s new Reports and Dashboards:

Update: We’re no longer limiting the max number of columns in a table to 8! Watch out, though — it might be extra hard to read tables on printed reports that have 13 columns in them. A pretty good number is around 5.
Update: Absolutely nothing in your report? Now you can’t publish it. You’ll see an error message prompting you to add widgets, and you won’t be able to push the Publish button. (This was causing us server errors.)
Update: In Firefox, tables that span multiple pages of a printed report will have a table header row at the top of each page. Chrome does not support this. Boo.
Update: Adjusted where page breaks occur for printed reports. Unfortunately, Chrome appears to have a known issue with ignoring this setting. Double boo.
Bug Fix: Text summaries changes in cloned reports would update text in the original report. While this has been requested as a feature — for sending all clients the same monthly message, for example — it’s definitely not intentional right now.
Bug Fix: Importing a Dashboard would pull the original campaign’s Facebook account instead of the correct Facebook account for the new campaign.
Bug Fix: Issue that changed to the primary dimension in a custom widget table in dashboard reports weren’t reflected in the sort by or table column sections.
Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Facebook KPIs would sometimes show up empty
Bug Fix: Unpublish button wasn’t unpublishing. Now it is.
Bug Fix: Table sorting options didn’t “stick” if you had to edit a widget later. Now they do.
Bug Fix: Bullet point and numbered lists in the text summary widget were getting stripped out.
Bug Fix: Pie Charts weren’t sizing correctly on printed reports.
Bug Fix: Some tables were running off the edges of the pages in printed reports.

Wednesday, October 1

Update: On the Google Analytics: Audience – Geo Location reporting module in Report Wizard you can now use an exclusion filter by adding “-” in front of the location you want to filter out on your report.
Bug Fix: On the same Geo Location reporting module, we found a bug. You weren’t able to use saved table filter sets. You can now.
Bug Fix: We were showing more campaigns in the AdWords section of Google Analytics than actually existed in AdWords. We’ve added filters to prevent this from happening again.
Bug Fix: When you import a CSV of links into Link Manager, Raven now does a better job of detecting if any of those links already exist in Link Manager. No more duplicates.
Bug Fix: Facebook monthly reports from Report Wizard weren’t pulling in all results for previous month, an issue related to time zones. Now they do.

September 2014

September 24

Feature: We released new, interactive Dashboards and Reports in Raven!
Bug Fix: If you tried to reauthorize your LinkedIn account, you were automatically redirected to the main Dashboard page. We’ve stopped throwing you into an infinite loop.

September 23

Update: In Site Performance we noticed that under the Social Metrics section, specifically Google Plus, it said “pluse” when the site only had one +1. We fixed the typo.
Bug Fix: In Firefox, some drop-down menus were picking up odd background colors, making them look rather wonky. All backgrounds are white now, and it looks so much better.
Bug Fix: AdWords CSV downloads didn’t include the entire ad headline copy, and they showed multiple lines within one cell. This has been fixed. Now, the CSV report contains additional columns beyond the ad’s headline.
Bug Fix: In the Google Analytics tool, when you clicked any sub-nav item, and then clicked onto another main navigation item, the sub-nav item stayed highlighted. Weird. But not anymore.
Bug Fix: PDF reports that included the GA: Audience – Geo Location module displayed only sessions, even if the other columns were selected. Also, the Table of Contents didn’t recognize this module. These two issues have been corrected.

September 16

Update: We made some updates to our Referral program. If you invite a friend to try Raven and they purchase a plan, you and your friend will receive a $50 credit.
Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Keyword Ranking reports graph where the overview metrics were squishing the graph data to the bottom of the graph. Graphs look good now.

September 10

Bug Fix: When creating a Google Analytics report and including comparison metrics to a previous month, the report was showing 0 for the previous month’s data. This data was only missing in reports. Comparisons are now showing normally in reporting.


Bug Fix: Found an isolated issue where you were able to edit a Google Analytics reporting module when using a Report Template. The Edit Report button that appeared wasn’t functional. Everything is working now.
Bug Fix: Identified some weirdness with the Report Summary page in Report Wizard. The text you can add in the summary module was cut off at the bottom of the page and obstructed the page number. It certainly didn’t look good, but it does now.
Bug Fix: In the Goals section of Google Analytics, some of the e-commerce columns were not relevant to the selected dimensions. As a result, an error message was triggered. If a metric is known not to work with a given dimension, the e-commerce column is no longer shown. And there’s no longer a need for an error message in this scenario.

September 8

Bug Fix: The Google Analytics reporting module for “Audience – Engagement” wasn’t reporting all the available data and data wasn’t color coded. This is now fixed.

September 4

Bug Fix: When attempting to connect Google Webmaster Tools, Raven was automatically selecting HTTPS by default. This issue is now solved and you can proceed with GWT authorizations normally.

September 3

Update: Added the option to support HTTPS sites in Google Webmaster Tools.
Bug Fix: When researching a webpage in Research Central, some URL Scope metrics were being displayed based on the root domain rather than the page you were researching. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix: In Social Monitor, if you clicked the Tool Options button, the table showing your searches refreshed needlessly. This refresh no longer occurs.
Bug Fix: We fixed a disconnection issue related to LinkedIn accounts, which was sometimes happening when a LinkedIn account was accessed by multiple Raven users.
Bug Fix: In Google Analytics, the Match Any filter option for filtering table data was broken. If you tried to create a new filter and selected Match Any in this section, results didn’t come up.
Bug Fix: Discovered some issues with the Ad Group section of Google AdWords. If you clicked the Edit Ad Group option, nothing happened. The edit window didn’t display and now it does.
Bug Fix: In Social Monitor, the Domain Exclusions settings had a broken link. The “Return to Search” link now works.

September 2

Bug Fix: In Site Performance, the formula used to calculate the percentage change in the SEO Metrics section was slightly off. This has been fixed.
Bug Fix: In Link Manager, if you changed a non-paid link type to paid, the Paid Link Options tab didn’t appear on the edit screen.
Bug Fix: Users who were given access to Report Wizard but not Google Webmaster Tools were being redirected to the Dashboard when attempting to view Report Wizard. This isn’t the case anymore.
Bug Fix: When you generated a report that included Reach data, the “Who You Reached” header was cut off at the bottom of the PDF. I didn’t look very pretty.
Bug Fix: Comparison arrows were appearing on the SEO Keyword Ranking report, even if you selected None as the comparison date range. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix: In Facebook Metrics, Twitter Metrics and YouTube Metrics there was a broken link. The “Open in Analytics” link in the Referral Traffic sections of these tools is now fixed.
Bug Fix: In Research Central, keyword summary data was not being filtered by the selected country.

August 2014

August 28

Bug Fix: The Google Shopping reporting modules were showing all records rather than the number specified. Fixed!

August 27

Update: During our switch to our new Help Desk we found that some articles were pointing to the old help documentation. All those links are now updated.

August 26

Bug Fix: Discovered that a customer’s Google Analytics dashboard wouldn’t update because Raven was trying to pull in date from an old legacy Google Analytics token. We found a fix for the issue.
Bug Fix: In situations when the upgrade window appeared in trial accounts, some header and page titles changed on a few pages. We sorted it out.

August 25

Update: We streamlined the process for connecting Google Webmaster Tools data to Raven by removing a step. Customers no longer need to manually type in the name of the Google Webmaster Tools account they just authorized. This step was creating a lot of confusion and unintended issues.
Update: On Google Analytics charts, when you hovered over the trendline, a tooltip was displaying X and Y coordinates for some reason. We removed the coordinates and resized the tooltip box. Much cleaner look now!
Update: The Google Webmaster Tools authorization instructions were linking to the wrong article. The link has been updated and it now points to the most up-to-date article.

August 21

Update: Removed remnants of Google Places from our code, which wasn’t being used in Raven.
Bug Fix: The confirmation page in our Order Content tool was displaying the incorrect amount. This is fixed.
Bug Fix: The data in Google Analytics wasn’t updating when you changed the date range, unless you refreshed the page. The updated metrics now appear automatically if you change the date range.

August 20

Bug Fix: It was possible to connect Google Webmaster Tools to Raven and skip the step in which Raven asks for a name to identify the newly connected account. In same cases, this caused the account to not be listed as already connected.

Bug Fix: Moved the alert displayed under the Google Webmaster Tools page above the breadcrumb because it looked ugly.

Bug Fix: In the Google Analytics Engagement sections we didn’t clearly display the unit of time associated with the displayed number. We were simply displaying the raw number in seconds. We made some improvement to reflect the time with better formatting (i.e. 54:33:07).

August 19

Bug Fix: When you tried to authorize a Google Webmaster Tools account, Raven was assuming the campaign display name was the same as the campaign website address, which caused issues. This is because they aren’t always the same. You can for instance have a campaign website address of raventools.com with a display name of “Raven Website.”

August 18

Feature: Released our new Help Desk, a cleaner, easier-to-read version of our help and training documentation. It includes a pretty handy search feature that returns spot-on results.
Update: We updated the SEO Metrics section to reflect the new Google Analytics language. We were still using View and Visits instead of Users and Sessions.
Bug Fix: A couple of GA sections were always showing a “vs,” which denotes comparison, even if the comparison feature wasn’t on.
Bug Fix: Some Google Analytics metrics displayed on reports were getting a .00 added to the end of their value, which was unnecessary. They’re gone, and the reports look so much better now.

August 15

Issue: Earlier in the week we identified an issue with the retrieval of Google Webmaster Tools Top Searches data, which powers our Rankings and GWT Top Searches tools. Upon further investigation we found that the email address we had been using to retrieve the data was blocked by the Google Webmaster Tools API server. After we regained access and to help balance things out, new and existing accounts started to be assigned one of 16 email addresses. For more details refer to this Help Desk document and our System Status page.

August 12

Issue: Some scheduled reports had delivery delays. We fixed what was holding them up and got the reports sent out ASAP.
Update: Raven is faster! The loading time improved from 17-18 seconds to less than 2 seconds.
Bug Fix: When you generated a report that included a YouTube module, the Table of Contents simply showed the name of your account, instead of YouTube. We fixed that. In the process, we noticed that the module itself didn’t show a specific title. It does now, just like the rest of our reporting modules.

August 11

Update: If you click on a link in Raven, they now open in a new window or tab. This applies to external links stored in Link Manager, Site Auditor and few other tools.
Bug Fix: In specific instances we found that Site Auditor wouldn’t crawl more than one page at a time.
Bug Fix: The date format in the Site Metrics section of Research Central was incorrect for New Zealand. It was using DD/MM/YY instead of MM/DD/YY.
Bug Fix: No more 404 errors if you are trying to access Task Manager.
Bug Fix: Scheduled tweets had stopped taking into account the default timezone and country.

August 6

Update: Removed additional mentions of the “People Talking About This” metric, which Facebook no longer provides.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics: Exit Pages reporting module was preventing reports from completing.
Bug Fix: We received several reports from trial users indicating that a popup prompting them to upgrade was inconsistently displayed. This issue has been fixed.
Bug Fix: Found an issue with the Google AdWords reporting module. The Select Campaign dropdown menu in the module was cut off, and you weren’t able to see all the available campaigns. This issue appeared to be limited to Chrome 35.0.1916.153.
Bug Fix: On the Dashboard module for Google AdWords you couldn’t see conversion data. That’s because AdWords changed the names of several metrics with their new API. We didn’t know, and still pulled in old names, which resulted in zeros. We’re using the right names now.

August 5

Bug Fix: When you ordered content via Textbroker and selected a different language, the categories list was duplicated.
Bug Fix: Fixed another Textbroker related issue. If you attempted to submit an order without clicking the “I acknowledge that I’m paying extra money for this article” box, we showed an error message and automatically deactivated the Submit button. Then, when you clicked the box, the Submit button didn’t activate. Not a problem anymore.
Bug Fix: Found and fixed an issue with Social Monitor showing a “Results Pending” error when scrolling through the results pages.
Bug Fix: The Average Position Impressions for Bing were showing 0.0 when there were no results. This was creating confusion. We replaced the 0.0 with a blank space, which is exactly what we do on other columns.
Bug Fix: We found an issue with the pagination on our Report History section. You ended up seeing fewer reports than the number that the Report History table said you had.
Bug Fix: If a read-only user switched to a profile where their role prevented write access to Google Analytics, we showed a white screen. This persisted even if the read-only user switched to another campaign that they had write access to. To avoid confusion, we added an error message.

August 1

Bug Fix: Textbroker can’t put an article in “Delivered” status more than once now.
Bug Fix: Reports that included Email Metrics modules failed to display the data, even though you were able to see the data directly from Campaign > Email Metrics.

July 2014

July 31

Update: Facebook no longer reports the “People Talking About This” metric, so we removed it from Raven. In its place, Facebook reports other metrics, which we’re working on getting into Raven.
Bug Fix: When you ordered content via Textbroker and sent it to Content Manager, the order description was showing under the Meta description field.
Bug Fix: Fixed Top Referrer filtering issues with the Google Analytics report module.
Bug Fix: Content Manager was having a hard time displaying content with tricky HTML. We’ve made it smarter, so that you can see your content.

July 29

Feature: We released our awesome Referral Program! Learn how to work your way to a free account.
Update: You can now report on Google AdWords Shopping campaigns, which was kinda important since AdWords dropped Product Listing Ads campaigns in favor of the Shopping ones.
Update: If you disconnect your email service from Raven, after you have already set up a report, once you run that report you will see an error message prompting you to reconfigure your account.
Bug Fix: We found that Google Analytics reports defaulted to the first listed Advanced Segment for a given account. For this reason, in some instances, you might not see any data on your reports. We set the default to be All Sessions.

July 28

Update: We reorganized the navigation on the Campaign section and repositioned the dividers. It makes more sense now!
Bug Fix: Google AdWords conversion data wasn’t showing up on the Dashboard after we upgraded to the new AdWords API.
Bug Fix: We found an issue with Google AdWords not pulling in customer accounts correctly. With the new version of the Google AdWords API, we’re having to reinstate the “Provide Your Customer ID” authorization step for non-MCC accounts.

July 22

Update: The automatic sample report for trial customers didn’t include the new Google Analytics: Summary module, which now is called Google Analytics: Overview. We’ve updated the report, and now trial customers can view a complete report.
Update: We added a Manage Accounts option to the Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools. You can easily delete Raven’s access to Google accounts you’re not using anymore.
Bug Fix: If you generated a report that included the Google Analytics: Overview, the tables didn’t show any data, they’re blank. It mostly affected the “Quick Report” for the Overview module.

July 21

Bug Fix: Read-only users had some difficulties accessing the Report History section. This is now solved.
Bug Fix: We found an issue that briefly affected all the reporting modules with tables. If you had checked or unchecked any of boxes, you weren’t able to save the changes.

July 17: Bug Stomp, Part 3!

Feature Request: You can now export contact email addresses to CSV from the Link Manager.
Update: You can now send one-time reports with a “Trackable Download” link and view its history. In addition, the option/link under the gear icon dropdown menu has been changed from “Detail” to “Download History.”
Update: We added CPA, ROAS and RPC columns to tables in Google AdWords.
Bug Fix: Let’s say you attempted to edit a custom quality score in Research Central. None of the metrics you added would appear on the page. Now they do.
Bug Fix: Some people couldn’t see all of the LinkedIn groups that they had admin access to in LinkedIn. We dug into the LinkedIn API now calls group admins “Managers” instead of “Admins.” Raven was still looking for the word “Admin.” Our code now looks for the new word.
Bug Fix: The Google Analytics: Social – Overview report module showed a blank space instead of a pie chart if you didn’t have conversion data. Now Raven will skip that section if there is not data.
Bug Fix: If you tried to add a blog to the Blog Manager, the following error displayed: “Unable to connect to blog URL.” Things connect now.
Bug Fix: If you created a Brand Template without uploading a logo image — you just wanted to use text as your logo — then the text you added didn’t show up on reports. Now you can create a logo-less Brand Template.
Bug Fix: If you went into the All Traffic section in Google Analytics, selected Organic Traffic from the Advanced Segment drop-down menu, and swapped between goals, the Goals Completions metric wasn’t updating. That also affected the Goal Conversions Rate and Goal Value metrics.
Bug Fix: On the Google Analytics All Traffic reporting module, if you changed the dimension of the Source/Medium, the generated report dropped the first source column.
Bug Fix: On the Twitter Metrics section we found that the number of retweets was being calculated incorrectly. Now they’re accurate.

July 16: Bug Stomp, Part 2!

Update: You can now add a title to the Keyword Manager reporting module.
Update: SEOmoz rebranded to Moz more than a year ago, and we updated all references to that data in our software back then. Or so we thought… we found several lingering mentions of SEOmoz in Research Central’s Quality Score section. Those have been replaced with the correct name.
Bug Fix: If you tried to switch between Twitter accounts on the same campaign, you had to refresh the page or even log out of Raven to see data for the different Twitter account. Now you can easily and quickly move between accounts.
Bug Fix: Reports with filtered Backlink Explorer data were showing all data instead.
Bug Fix: We fixed an error with our Google Webmaster Tools authorization process.
Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports weren’t including the permalinks, and some customers were adding them manually. We corrected the issue so that reports include this information automatically. No more extra work!
Bug Fix: We found out that user accounts with read-only access could see the Edit Report button. Not anymore. As intended, now read-only users can only read and view existing reports.
Bug Fix: We stopped Raven from showing a Google AdWords sub-navigation when it wasn’t supposed to.

July 15: Bug stomp, part 1!

Bug Fix: Social Monitor reports would break if you tried to report “no results.”
Bug Fix: Filters that you saved in the Google Analytics tool weren’t showing up in Google Analytics Report Wizard module. Now they do, and you can report your filtered Google Analytics data.

July 10

Update: We are now allowing more manual selections of Primary Dimensions in Google Analytics Geo: Location reports. For example, you can generate a report of any cities within a country, regardless of the state or region they’re in.
Bug Fix: We found a strange display issue if you attempted to run a large report with multiple Google Analytics Content: Landing Pages modules with Goals selected. All modules and data display properly now.

July 9

Bug Fix: The www-redirect detection in Site Performance was not working properly working in some instances and created confusion. If you add a domain as a competitor or the root domain in Site Performance, it now checks for both the www and non-www version of the domain for redirect. In the case a redirect is found, it returns a positive result.
Bug Fix: We removed “None” as a choice in the Goals drop-down menu option in Google Analytics module in Report Wizard. If you selected “None,” it kept reverting to “All Goals.” It was confusing and unnecessary — the default is None.

July 7

Bug Fix: We found an issue with pagination if you authorized a Google Analytics account that had more than 1,000 properties.
Bug Fix: Arrows were disappearing when you sorted arrows by column on any table in Google Analytics. Doh!
Bug Fix: If your Primary Dimension was set to “Goal Completion Location” and Goals to “All Goals,” only the first two goals appeared as column options, even if you had more than two goals associated with your Google Analytics account.

June 2014

June 30

Bug Fix: If you changed the Primary Dimension in the Google Analytics module in Report Wizard, the Primary Dimension column wasn’t showing up in the report.

June 27

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where read-only users couldn’t access Google Analytics, even if you had granted them access.
Bug Fix: Fixed a bug related to campaigns with long names. This was causing the header logo on the PDF reports to get pushed into an overflow area, making some reports look wonky.

June 25

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Usage page was not showing you all the campaigns that had link monitoring turned on.

June 19

Bug Fix: Bounce Rate columns on your Google Analytics reports displayed inverted colors — low bounce rates were red (bad) instead of green (good). Now all the colors are in the proper places.

June 18

Bug Fix: The summary text you saved in the Link Manager reporting module in Report Wizard was not making it into the actual report. Now it is!

June 16

Bug Fix: Fixed YouTube account picker.

June 11

Feature Request: Added the destination URL to the Link Manager table. This means that you now can filter Link Manager results by destination URL. Also, you can display it on CSV exports and PDF reports.
Update: We released new Google Analytics reports, which include significantly more metrics. Learn why Google Analytics marketing reports are now better, faster and easier with Raven.
Bug Fix: Landing Page data in Google Analytics had duplicate entries for URLs.
Bug Fix: Some Social Monitor reports were missing sentiment colors.
Bug Fix: If you tried to add a custom site to Persona Manager — for example, Google+ — you saw an error message that a persona website with the same name already existed (even though it didn’t). Oops. Now fixed.

June 9

Update: Removed several duplicate actions that were slowing your first log in experience. Raven is now 3-5% faster!

June 6

Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some scheduled LinkedIn posts were being posted twice.

June 4

Update: Added the number of users included in your plan to the upper section of the User Manager page. This will avoid any confusion when you create a new user or reactivate an existing one.
Bug Fix: Released a fix for Top Ads reporting module. When we generated a report with an AdWords campaign that included the text and ad, the PDF was only formatting the rows for text ads. This caused the table row to extend beyond the bottom of the page.

June 3

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing timeout issues when you tried to retrieve company data information in LinkedIn. As a consequence, data was not being displayed.

June 2

Bug Fix: When you attempted to edit a scheduled tweet and shortened the URL, the URL did not shorten. This is working again now.