Website Directory

Track any website's KPIs, including competitors.

Website Directory Tool

Collaborate better when everyone
can access the same data for websites

When you add a link to Link Manager, Raven tucks the domain away in Website Directory. Add a competitor’s site to Competitor Manager, same thing. Why? It’s easier to collaborate when everyone has the same data. Website Directory stores SEO quality scores, a backlink overview, contact details, related links and more for every site in it.

Website Directory

Quickly find SEO, contact and
link information for your websites

Looking for the highest quality sites your team worked with last year? A quick search in Website Directory turns up the answer — handy for managers. Want to know which website gave you the most links on a campaign? Check the Website Directory. Want to know if there’s contact information on file for a specific website? You know what to do.

Website Directory
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