Social Monitor

Social monitoring keeps you in the know about brand sentiment quickly.

Social Monitor Tool

Find out who’s talking
about your brand

Clients expect you to protect their brand. That requires brand monitoring on major social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and forums where your client might be mentioned. Social Monitor does all that for you, automatically.

Social Monitor

Gauge how people feel
with automatic sentiment

No one has invented a sarcasm detector yet, so you can’t expect perfection. But Raven’s Social Monitor does a darn good job at reporting sentiment automatically, based on the words that people when talking about your brand. “Terrible” = negative. “Wonderful” = positive. You get the idea — and so will your clients.

Social Monitor

Keep tabs on RSS feeds
for mentions

Raven’s Social Monitor crawls and returns a lot of data from around the Internet — but you may also want to monitor a specific source for mentions, such as a news website. Enter RSS feeds. You can ask Social Monitor to keep track of mentions of your brand on a specific RSS feed, such as Mashable.

Social Monitor

Pitch potential clients
with advance knowledge

Pro tip alert! A week or so before your meeting with a potential client, set up a Social Monitor search for their brand name or industry terms. (Perhaps even their competitor…?) See if there’s room for improvement. If so, report the results and bring it to your pitch meeting.

Social Monitor
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