Backlink Explorer

Manage your backlinks and organize your SEO metrics all in one place.

Backlink Research Explorer Tool

Think you know everyone who’s
linking to your website?

Chances are, you don’t. True, Google Analytics provides a lot of data about referral traffic. But so does Majestic, one of the largest Internet crawlers. Backlink Explorer data comes from Majestic — and Raven includes Google Analytics referral link data — so you can get the most complete picture.

Backlink Research Explorer

Can’t figure out how competitors
worked their way to the top?

Competitive analysis is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing pieces. Add a few more pieces to the pile with a Backlink Explorer report on your competitors’ websites or pages. You may turn up valuable information for your own link building campaigns — and discern what to avoid.

Backlink Research Explorer

Find out if poor quality backlinks
are dragging your website down

Link building tactics that were OK just a couple of years ago are now considered spammy. Do you have backlinks that you don’t want, perhaps from old blogrolls? Do you think you might be a target of negative SEO? Find the source with Backlink Explorer.

Backlink Research Explorer

Quickly follow up on discoveries
with Raven’s Link Manager

Backlink Explorer works in tandem with Raven’s Link Manager. Once you find a link that you want to follow up on — for a thank-you or for a removal request — add it to the Link Manager with a couple of clicks.

Backlink Research Explorer
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