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any other name... still marketing. Optimize content and deliver better results to clients with Raven.

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Create better content
with faster research

Managing content for multiple clients by multiple authors is a task best left to organized people with smart software. The Content Manager and CRM tools keep your content and contacts easy to access and update. Running low on ideas? Spend time in Research Central to find new opportunities. No time to write? Order content for SEO from Textbroker.

Raven Content Manager

Optimize your content
to get more readers

Is no one reading what you’re writing? Perhaps there are technical problems. Perhaps your content is missing key SEO information. Perhaps it’s too hard to read. Run Site Auditor to diagnose technical problems. Use Scribe and readability scores to optimize for search engines — and audiences.

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Publish and distribute
your content quickly

There are thousands of people who could find your content valuable. First, publish it to your own WordPress website with WordPress Manager. Then use Raven’s press releases and social media tools to distribute the content quickly.

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Find out which content
makes the most money

Does your content drive conversions? Raven’s Google Analytics integration makes that easy to find out and report. Who’s linking to what content — and which of those links pay off the most? Use the one-two punch of Link Manager and SEO Metrics to uncover and report those successes.

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As content marketing evolves, so do our content tools. Stay ahead with Raven. Start Your Free Trial

With smart marketing comes smarter marketing software.

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Custom branding

You’re proud of your company. We respect that. Add your own branding to your account and reports. You can even request a custom domain.

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Campaign management

With one Raven account, you can manage unlimited websites and social networks. Group campaigns and set access rights however you like.

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Team collaboration

Whether your co-worker sits nearby or 1,000 miles away, you’ll see the same data. Communicate quickly with message and task tools.

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Google integrations

Get authorized data directly from Google. Raven integrates Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools for one-stop management and reporting.

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Business development

Have a list of prospective clients? Use Raven’s Research Central, Site Performance and CRM tools to create comprehensive proposals.

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Free support

We won’t leave you hanging. Our customer care team answers every question ASAP. Plus, we provide free, weekly training classes

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Liqui-Site Designs
Liqui-Site Designs logo

Liqui-Site Designs

“Once we realized that we could have that one all-encompassing report automatically emailed to our account managers and customers, we were sold.”

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Guillermo Ortiz of Geek Powered Studios
Geek Powered Studios Logo

Geek Powered Studios

“We’ve quadrupled in size with Raven at the core of our agency. As we continue to sign on more clients, Raven’s adaptability has been invaluable.”

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Shama Hyder - Marketing Zen Group
Marketing Zen Group logo

The Marketing Zen Group

“The software helps us manage and monitor a ton of content for numerous campaigns daily. Plus, the social statistics that Raven provides for the price is nearly unmatchable.”

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