30 employees. 200+ clients.
1 software solution.

Webtise started with e-commerce website design and development.
Then came SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Then came Raven.

Webtise Case Study

Software that does it all for
the agency that does it all.

Daniel Clutterbuck remembers what marketing was like before Raven.

The agency he co-founded had grown rapidly, adding a wide range of services and lots of new clients. “We needed a reliable digital marketing tool that could help us monitor our successes,” Daniel said.

At first they considered developing custom software themselves. “We were nuts back then,” he joked. Now he knows better. “Raven is simple to use and gathers all the relevant data we need to report on SEO, PPC, social and ROI performance.”

Webtise uses Raven daily for, well, everything — they “input links, research websites, monitor site issues, do social marketing and produce snap reports to identify opportunities within analytics and/or search.”

But Daniel especially loves Raven for these four things:

  1. Flexible reports. “The ability to use a number of templates depending on the client’s requirements is a real plus.”
  2. Powerful proposals. “Raven’s Site Auditor tool is great for biz dev as it shows the prospect what’s wrong extremely simply.”
  3. Easy workflow. “Raven is unobtrusive to our workflow, which is helpful as online marketing can often mean juggling many things at once.”
  4. Central data. “It’s very useful that everyone has the same data, as we often have more than one person working on the same client.

So, yes, Daniel remembers what marketing was like before Raven. Luckily, it’s a distant memory.

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Liqui-Site Designs
Liqui-Site Designs logo

Liqui-Site Designs

Marketing Agency

“Raven automates time-consuming (but necessary) tasks so that we can spend more time helping our clients’ reach their profit goals and organizational objectives."

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Shama Hyder - Marketing Zen Group
Marketing Zen Group logo

The Marketing Zen Group

Marketing Agency

“Simple. Cost-effective. In-depth. Plus, the social statistics that Raven provides for the price is nearly unmatchable.”

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Bernie Clark of Majux Marketing
Majux Marketing Logo

Majux Marketing

Marketing Agency

"The best thing is that you get the impression that there is priority placed on evolving and improving features based on direct input from the users."

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