Here’s how one agency found
social media marketing Zen.

Social media simplicity — it’s attainable, with a little help from Raven.
Parthenon Publishing’s Ashley White knows from experience.

Parthenon Publishing

Remember how nerve-wracking it
is to start a new job?

The important tasks. The high expectations. The great unknown.

That’s what faced Ashley White when she started working at Parthenon Publishing, a print and digital custom publishing company. “I needed so many things — from social media management to figuring out how to gauge what a ‘successful’ post is,” she said. Then she found Raven.

Raven has the all-in-one social management she needs. No more “bouncing between different networks” all month long.

Raven has the all-in-one social reporting she needs. Parthenon’s clients get data and graphics that “show them value month over month in real terms.”

Best of all, Raven has the tools to guide smart social media strategy.

“Being able to see the data across multiple social channels for a client is incredibly important. Raven allows us to step outside an individual social network and see the big picture of how they all tie together throughout the month,” Ashley said.

“Because of Raven’s data and reporting, we can see in real time how our social posts perform to be able to drill in on the strategies that work best. Replicating what works leads to a streamlined social strategy and a great return for our clients.”

No more great unknown. Just Zen.

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Shama Hyder - Marketing Zen Group
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The Marketing Zen Group

Marketing Agency

“Simple. Cost-effective. In-depth. Plus, the social statistics that Raven provides for the price is nearly unmatchable.”

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Liqui-Site Designs
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Liqui-Site Designs

Marketing Agency

"Raven automates time-consuming (but necessary) tasks so that we can spend more time helping our clients’ reach their profit goals."

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Webtise Case Study
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In-House Marketing

“It’s important for us to help potential clients understand where improvements can be made. Raven’s Site Auditor is great as it shows our prospect what’s wrong extremely simply.”

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