5 ways Raven helped this
agency triple in size.

Maple North’s John Rampton calls Raven one of
the best decisions he’s ever made. Here’s why.

Maple North

In his own words, John
explains Raven’s value.

1. It’s easy to see results: “Raven takes tons of information — reports, stats and data — and compresses it into one easy-to-understand format. We work hard at getting interactions and like to know that the work we’re doing for our clients is paying off.”

2. It’s easy to prove results: “With Raven’s reporting tools, we can show our clients exactly the impact that we’re having on their website.”

3. It keeps work profitable: “It’s simple to set up, white label and automate Raven reports so that we can focus on our client work. If we didn’t have automatic tracking and reporting for our smaller clients, we would gobble up all our profits in providing them profit. With Raven’s automatic reports, that doesn’t happen. We wouldn’t be able to scale without it.”

4. It saves time: “Raven tracks everything for me so that I don’t have to. I can research a site very quickly in Research Central, which pulls all the data from different third-party tools into one slick dashboard.”

5. It supports multiple users: “For an agency, it’s priceless to be able to have many people on your team know what’s going on with all the clients.”

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Liqui-Site Designs
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Liqui-Site Designs

Marketing Agency

"Raven automates time-consuming (but necessary) tasks so that we can spend more time helping our clients’ reach their profit goals."

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Webtise Case Study
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Marketing Agency

“It’s important for us to help potential clients understand where improvements can be made. Raven’s Site Auditor is great as it shows our prospect what’s wrong extremely simply.”

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In-House Marketing

“It was a no brainer to make the switch. From SEO to social to PPC (and more), Raven really covers all of the bases when it comes to online marketing.”

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