How to do everything
— and do it well.

Raven helps this in-house, multi-tasking
marketer stay focused and get results.

Double AA Roofing

When “in-house marketing” is code for
“do-it-all marketing”…

Small businesses can be plenty big enough to hire an in-house marketer.

The operative word in that sentence is anan in-house marketer, as in one. One, single, solitary person, often doing a little bit of everything.

It takes a special kind of person to succeed in that role. That describes Chris Labbate, Marketing Manager for Double AA Roofing. It takes a special kind of software to help a marketer like Chris. That’s Raven.

“I was going mad jumping from tool to tool, but now Raven has centralized my focus and deepened my understanding on one thing: our online marketing campaign,” Chris said.

Every day, Chris logs in to Raven. He checks his website’s Google Analytics traffic, drilling down into traffic sources to develop SEO strategies. A glance at the dashboard tells him what’s going on with his company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and what needs updating.

From there he goes to work building relationships with websites he discovers with Raven’s Site Finder tool, as well as industry associations. “Sometimes they can be slow posting links,” Chris said. “Raven’s Link Manager is a perfect tool for remembering where you have placed links and what the status of approval is.”

And speaking of status updates, “all of (my) reporting can be automated to send out via e-mail to anyone monitoring the campaign, which I love,” Chris said.

One business + one marketer + one Raven = lots of success.

Raven helps companies focus on what really matters.

Parthenon Publishing
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Parthenon Publishing

Marketing Agency

“When you work in an agency and wear different hats for different clients, having one tool with all the information you need in one place is extremely efficient.”

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Shama Hyder - Marketing Zen Group
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The Marketing Zen Group

Marketing Agency

“Simple. Cost-effective. In-depth. Plus, the social statistics that Raven provides for the price is nearly unmatchable.”

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Josh London SEO Consultant
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Click Convert Profit

Owner/SEO Consultant

"The ability to generate reports that tell more about a website than a prospect knows is the key to building business using Raven."

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